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pics - nearly 3 weeks old

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Here are some pics of the babies - they are doing well (touch wood) and look so cute when they try to walk! The date on my digitial camera is wrong - the pics were taken today!

Theo - loves to lie on his back and have his chin and tummy played with

Leo - complete mummy's boy

Boris - the mischevious terror of the bunch

Amelia - the quiet, clever one

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They are adorable!!
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They are adorable.
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Minxie, they are absolutely precious but I feel compelled to caution you against such close facial shots using a flash. The very harsh light of the flash can actually cause serious damage to a young kitten's eyes. If you must take upclose facial shots, please cover the flash unit with several thicknesses of tissue to diffuse the light and prevent damage to little developing eyes.
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Thanks gayef for that advice...noted The last thing I want to do is hurt my babies!
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Oh they are just gorgeous! They remind me of Sleeves when he was tiny!! (the orange ones anyway )
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They are very cute, and looks like they are in for some fun on the cat tree in the background when they get a little older.
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What adorable little ones..........what does the mother look like?
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Kittylover4ever - here's their mum.... Tinkerbelle

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She is beautiful in that pose.....
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She's gorgeous!!!
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If I were anywhere near you, Theo, Leo, and Boris would be in danger of being catnapped! Not that Amelia is not absoultely precious, but the matched set would be so cute to have sitting in my front window. I have a huge soft spot for orange boys. Mom is lovely, as well. I hope we get lots of pics, we all just love watching the babies grow up.
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The 'matched set' as you put it krazy kat2 are all have a 3-way wrestling session at the moment - it looks so cute. You can imagine how those 3 little terrors are going to be like in a few weeks jumping all over the place! Ha ha!

Everyone that's seen them falls in love with the boys. I guess thats why I have a soft spot for Amelia. She's quiet and graceful like her mum.

All four of them ventured out of their crate onto the carpet earlier for a few minutes and only Amelia could work her way back into the crate at first. She was looking at them as if to say 'boys are so stupid'.

What am I saying? I have a soft spot for all of them. I don't condone cats having kittens when there are so many in rescue shelters needing homes, but when I look at these four, tears come to my eyes and I just have so much love for them.
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