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The sound of a smoothly working furnace/air conditioner.
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Originally Posted by gemlady
The gurgle of an unclogged toilet. (Long story,,,)
Believe it or not, I can relate
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-When Isabella looks up at me like the little princess she is and says " MEOW" while demanding i brush her. lol it's too cute...
-also anything music...
-and playing my guitar- it's a MartinDX1 Roadseries- it's my other baby lol!
- And the kids in the preschool i teach at- there's a little 2 yr old there named Carley that always says " Hold me in the arm, hold me in the arm, miss nikki"
-When my dog Ginger makes this weird yodling sound -it's hysterical
- a baby's laugh
- Jasmine "screaming" at her sparkley pom balls
- and my boyfriends impression of Armstrong's "What a wonderful world"- it's soo funny
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kinda out of season, but I love the sound of Christmas music, always brings back memories of my Grandma. I also love hearing my friend's laughter, it always makes me smile And of course hearing my kitties meow, whether its Sapphire's chirp or Simon's crying or Pandora's screeching Antigone is usually quiet
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My favorite sounds are:
1. Rain
2. Wild Birds chirping
3. Katie purring
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Kitty purrs ~ I just love it when my kitties purr; it's my absolute favourite sound. And I love it when the kitties at the shelter I volunteer at purr; given that they are there with other cats, having been abandoned by their owners or found on the street, it melts my heart when they are content enough to purr for me.

I love the sounds Chester and Piper make when they're sleeping. Chester makes these little grunting sounds, or he sighs, and Piper makes this squeaky noise (hence one of her nicknames being "squeaky nose" )when she's starting to go to sleep. Nala and Ariel are usually pretty quiet when they sleep.

My kitties meows ~ Ariel, when she's purring and meows at the same time; Chester and Piper when they're playing with their toys - they talk to them! It's so funny to hear them downstairs meowing at them. And Nala, she has this chirpy meow she does when she's greeting me.

And an odd one ~ the sound of a fighter jet flying overhead. That's why I love going to the airshow here. There's just something about the sound, I can't explain it.
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1. Cat Purring tops the list for sure.
2. Baby laughter
3. Falling Rain
4. A bubbling creek
5. Listening to your child breath in their sleep.
6. Birds chirping in the morning.
7. A owl hooting.

Least favorite sound right now:

The stupid biplane that woke me up this morning.
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