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When do they start to get active??

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Hi all....

I was just wondering how long until my little man...12 days old...starts to play?? Right now he eats....sleeps....but also wobbles around...quickly!! He doesn't cry much, until I get the bottle near him....then he goes nuts!! He's at 3.7oz, and has no siblings.
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i donno. Mine are kinda active at 6 days, they wander around a bunch. Find a new spot to flop onto and are REALLY noisy when they eat. I wanna know the answer to this one too!
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It should be very soon, trust me. In about two or so weeks, you'll be wondering when he'll start calming down.

He is a cute little fellow.
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My little 4 are 18 days old now. They sleep alot, play around in their nest and climb all over their mum but they are not adventurous to venture out of the nest soon. I read that at 3 weeks they start to get a bit more active...

Your little boy is sooo cute
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Soon...very soon Little Spike will be playing with anything that moves, even things that don't. Maybe he needs an adopted sibling I have 9 to choose from.

What did you name him?
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Thank you!!! His name is Spike. And now the fur all over his body is spikey. I'll have to post some pics.

I will have a sibling for him in a week or so. A friend of mine found some kittens in her mama though. They are approx 3-5 weeks old, and black like Spike.

Right now he just wanders around his nest, and when it's feeding time, he gets so exited that he falls all over himself to get the nipple....then he's content. But I've noticed within the last couple of days that he tries to suckle on everything, even his left front paw. I tried to feed him more often, but when he's not hungry, he just hangs on the nipple, and tries to go to sleep. The vet said to rub his lips to calm the reflex, and it worked for about 1 minute, then he got MAD!!! His eyes are 1/2 open, but if looks could kill....
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They won't be coordinated to play until about 3-4 weeks old cause they have to learn balance and "play" is not a priority. Being an only kitten will be a little different as he has no other cats to relate to. Also only kittens tend to be more dependent and kinda "imprint" on humans and not cats.
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Are his eyes open yet? That will bring about a big change. When my guys were little, if I touched their paws gently with my finger they'd grab on and I'd wiggle it just a bit (maybe 1/4 to 1/2 inch), that was about the extent of play until they could see and become more active.

My guys would also often fall asleep while they still had the nipples in their mouths. If he's getting enough to eat, perhaps he misses the companionship and security the Mom and/or siblings give.

It's one of the difficulties of raising an orphaned single kitten.

I'd suggest taking something like an old sock of yours, stuffing it with something soft, stick a nipple out of it, and leave it in the box for him to suck on if he needs the security. Don't know if it will work but you never know.
Just an idea.
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The corners of his eyes are starting to open. I just noticed that he is attempting to stand, from what it looks like. wAlso, when he holds his head up for a long time, he starts to that normal?
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Yes, it is normal. They haven't developed enough strength to hold that heavy old head upright for too long so they get to shaking ... and I love it when they start to commando-crawl around. Some of these kittens can get to moving pretty fast for such little things too! *grin*
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I think they start to get really active at about 3-4 weeks. My kitten (who was 6 weeks old when I brought her home) is now nearly 8 weeks old is just starting to get exceptionally playful. Before that she'd just be semi-active and then sleep alot. Now she shpends more time pouncing, chasing and jumping around.
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