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Fun Stuff! which celeb do you resemble?

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upload your photos of yourself,family or friends and see who they resmbel most! Its fun but you get some strange answers,with one pic i look like angelina jolie with another i looked like priscilla prseley! Both compliments though.....hehhe but with another pic i got a guys name...that was a bit insulting!

Let us know who you get!
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It says I have to log in...
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oh yeah sorry...forgot i'd registered its free though and only couple q's
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i've been told i look like audrey hepburn a little
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The site matched me with Marcia Cross. I don't think I look like her, myself.
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I got several... My favorite is Rita Hayworth, though...
Using a four year old picture, my list is (in order of how close):
-Condoleeza Rice {think face shape and features... I'm white as a bone}
-Rita Hayworth
-Ashley Judd
-Mena Suvari
-Anna Nicole Smith (blech... PASS!!!)
-Kirstie Alley
-Christina Ricci
-Katherine Hepburn (another one i don't mind...)

Overall, very interesting.

I then tried an even older picture, from 1994... one of my glamour shots. Here's my results:
-Judy Garland
-Eva Herzigova
-Asia Argento
-Christina Ricci (there must be something to that one... twice now)
-Jane Russell
-Ashlee Simpson (okay, another EWW!!)
-Kylie Minogue (oookkkaaaayyyy... I don't see it)
-Shelly Winters (YOUNG Shelly...)
-Patsy Cline (nice one)

Interesting... I balk at some of them... but some decent picks in there...
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I did this once and they couldn't come up with anyone for me, but I've been told that I look like Lindsay Lohan did when she was younger.. like when she did parent trap.

I wasn't sure whether to be insulted or not.
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I've been compared (in the past) to Alyson Hannigan of Buffy and American Pie fame.
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I'll have to do this once I get my laptop. It won't work with my browser.
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Britney Spears
Jaqueline Bizzet

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margaret thatcher
diane keaton
darryl hannah


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It found no matches for me
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I have been told by many people, and several total strangers, that I look exactly like Julia Stiles.
Also, when Traffic came out, alot of my friends had a hard time watching it because I also look like the star who does a bunch of drugs. this girl.

Then I died my hair red, and nobody says that anymore.
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Um, the site matches me with Brandy, Anne Hathaway and Olivia Newton John..

Hmmmm, weird my boyfriend used to have a thing for Brandy I guess he likes heartshaped faces!
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Well I've done this before. And it always said I looked like Pamela Anderson.
And scince then...I had some pics uploaded on my computer, so I decided to try it again.
And well, same results. lol.
So Pamela Anderson and I must look somewhat alike, which scares me. Aaaaaaa!

ummm..yes..I dont see it. lol
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I've seen that before... It says I look like Anna Hathaway, Eva Longoria, and Julia Roberts... Kinda cool

My sister tried it with a picture of Orlando Blume.... He only looks like himself 73%
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Ok it said I look like some guy named Antonin Dvorak or something like that. His pic was black and white, very 1800's looking. He was half bald and had a beard!!

OOO when I tried again it said I look like Jim Morrison!! At least he is hot, but then again, it is saying I look like a man!
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I got a lot of female oriental matches, which is interesting.
As for males, it said I look like Johnny Depp. Well, if I have to look like a guy, I might as well be a hot one.
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hahahahaha!! I tried it with a few pics and I'm a combination of (just a few of the better and worse ones).....Demi Moore, Michelle Pfieffer, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Scarlet Johansson, Levi-Straus and Tolstoy!! I bet ya'll have a pretty distorted image of me now!!lolol
I've had a few people comment on my looking like Jewel, but she didn't pop up in the quiz, anyhoo, I don't think I look like her at all nor do I look like any of the other celebs that popped up and heavens forbid a mish mash of 'em!
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I remember doing this a few months ago and I got some weird matches
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D' won't work on my comp in the office, so I'll have to wait until I get home. I already know I'll probably get Lisa Marie Presley or Tiffany Amber Theissen b/c I always get those....and Bradley will definitely get Mark Walburg!
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HI all.Some funny matches there.......I uploaded my brother in law and he got anna kourkoniva! the tennis player so funny hes nothing like her....think it must go on face shape ect...also uploaded my brother who got a chinese guy cant remember his name but my bruv had his eyes closed in the pic so it was quite amusing
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Mine came out as Benicio Del Toro. Now, before all you women get hot and bothered...I personally look more like Chris Farley than anyone else. I guess his name isn't in the database. When I was thinner, my girlfriend thought I looked like Kiefer Sutherlund ala Lost Boys.
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I didn't take the test but people tell me I look like Jenna Elfman (the woman from Dharma and Greg).
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