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Prayers needed

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A very close friend of our family died suddenly on Sat evening at 630 pm. She was 38 years old, healthy, vibrant, and a mother of 4 young children. They are 14,11,9,and 6. She just collapsed while getting ready for her husbands suprise 40th bday party and her youngest daughter found her. She was a very active, healthy woman with not one medical condition. They think she may have had an anuerism in her heart, but the autopsy won't be done until this week sometime.

Its a tragic loss to all of them, as well as all of us who know them.

Please say a prayer for this lovely woman Cheryl, and her family to help them get thru this trying time. Her children and husband will need all the support they can get.
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That is so sad. I will be praying for Cheryl's family and friends.
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Oh Daniela, I'm so sorry. How horrible to have it happen on what was suppose to be a joyous day. Not that there is ever a good time. I will be praying for Cheryl and her family. Especially the kids, I know what it's like to lose your mother.
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God bless all of the family and friends and give them comfort. This is a rough time. Too much...
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Thanks everyone. There was a midnight Mass last night for her, but the funeral date is not yet set. I haven't seen nor talked to the family, they are all overwhelmed right now.

My sister and brother went to the mass and said it was so packed people were outside. I wish I could have gone, but it was over an hour away, and being mothers day I had company.

You all are great, thanks for the extra prayers. This death has hit me really close to home.....even though she was a little older, her life was a mirror image of mine. Married, young kids, healthy, stay at home mom. It scared me, really shook me to my soul.

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That is scary! I'm really sorry to hear that. My thoughts and prayers go out to Cheryl and her family.
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My thoughts and prayers are with Cheryl's family, especially for the child that found her - that must have been devastating!
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What a tragedy! This happened to one of the teacher's aides at my school a few years ago. We were both standing in the main office, when out of nowhere, she just collapsed right in front of me. It was an anuerism, as well. She was gone before she hit the floor.

My prayers go out to the family.
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Thank you all once again. They have confirmed now that it was indeed an anuerism at the base of her brain. But the cause is a mystery.

The burial is Thursday, and then she will be at peace. Although her family is a different story I think.
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Oh Daniela!!!! I am SO sorry to hear of this!!!!!!!! That poor woman! And her poor family!!! That is terrible! It is so much worse I think when it is unexpected like that, to cope with the grief, they had no time to prepare themselves!!!!! I am saying a prayer for you and for this woman's family....how sad to leave behind such young children.

I am only a little more than a year younger than this woman, and this just terrifies me!!!!! I hope I am able to see my daughter raised. This is so scary because it comes without warning and could happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere!!!!

My thoughts are with you all. I guess this really reconfirms my beleif that we need to be prepared to go (spiritually) at any given time, because even though we may think we are healthy and have lots of time, we may not.
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Debby, thats exactly why it scared me. I mean, I am a bit younger, but it is my biggest fear that I will die before I am able to raise my children. Every time something like this happens, or I hear about a young mothers death, I just get so shook up. I hope and pray every day that I will live to a ripe old age. I don't know how my husband and kids would cope with something so tragic.
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That's horrible and tragic. I can't hep thinking about the kids: they cannot understand that... How are they going to cope? How is the husband going to cope with his love's death and where is he going to find the strength to help his kids... I am sending all the good vibes that I can to help this family. I just hope this lady didn't suffer too much, that may be the only blessing...

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