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the runt

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i have 4 kittens that are just a couple days past 3 weeks old. 3 girls, 1 boy. the girls all weigh 15-16 ounces each, but the boy is the runt & he weighs between 5-6 oz. before this more accurate weight was done, the vet's office said as long as he's eating, not to worry, but i can't help it. i'm feeding a supplement of kitten formula because sometimes i see him get pushed out of the way of feeding by his larger sisters. does anyone know how fast does the mom's milk reproduces? then i can let him feed when his sisters are not, in addition to the supplement.
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Once a vet told me that as a kitten suckles, they knead, and that is what stimulates milk production, and that it is recommended to feed mom kitten food, or a food formulated for lactating felines.

As for the runt....I myself would definetly supplement, weigh daily, and let him feed when the others are not. Is he physically "caught up" with his siblings, not size wise, but in other aspects, such as eyes open, ears open, or ears standing up, walking, etc? Most importantly, is he dehydrated or "slow"?

Just my 0.2....
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huggs to you, suppliment and i hope he does well! I would hold him and mama so that he could nurse when his bigger sisters arent pushing him outta the way.
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thank you, i have already started feeding mom (Gracie) Science Diet Kitten formula dry & canned food. these are formulated for lactating or pregnant females as well as kittens. He is as developed as his sisters - eyes & ears, movement is good. i've been feeding Gracie several times a day rather than the usual 2. All of my cats are fed canned twice daily & have dry available all day.
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I will send weight vibes. I am sure he will be ok if he is developing ok. Might just be a slow gainer.
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Well, at 3 weeks, I had one that was about 9 ounces, and one that was only 5 ounces. Then at six weeks those same two were 19 ounces, and 11 ounces. If you supplement, just be sure not to get any in his lungs. Personally, I DID try and supplement my little runt, but I could never get her to take the bottle. She's doing just fine now.
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I know they say to feed on the tummy. I think that way it stays out of the lungs right.
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Originally Posted by momof3rugratz
I know they say to feed on the tummy. I think that way it stays out of the lungs right.
I have a feeling that was my mistake! Thank goodness she really didn't need it!
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We all make them, at least we are trying to help
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Thanks for all your replies. my poor little prince didn't make it. i had a feeling he wouldn't a couple days before he actually died. he ate the supplement very well the whole day before. but i checked on them all before going to bed really late on Wed night, & he wasn't acting right. All 3 of his sisters got up & played but he just wanted to go to sleep, so i wrapped him & put 2 of the girls on either side of him when they settled down. he did get up & move after that, but by the time i got up the next morning he had passed. i'm okay with it now, i guess my 6th sense helped by preparing me a couple days before. it's sad. & i'd hoped to get 2 people to take 2 kittens each so they'd have a sibling to play with, and i realize it's not likely that someone will take all 3. i may just be "forced" to keep them.
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big huggs to you. you worked so hard to save him and im sure he knew that!
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RIP little one. Now you are safe in heaven..
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