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I lost 3 kittens this week

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Hi, i recently agreed to foster a pregnant cat. She had her kittens to my excitement. But within 3 days, 3 of the 7 had died.two looked to be suffocated. The third i noticed had not gained any weight, and was wasting away. I pulled him from the nest and tried to get him to nurse on his mom.I litereally held him to the nipple. But nothing. I started feeding him with a syringe. But nothing helped. I carried him inside my shirt in a terry cloth towel so he would be warm. Sadly at 9 20 on sunday morning he passed. He spent his last moments in my hands warm and loved.

I wrote something, for the three that passed. It helped me to feel better about it. I may have only held them for a few days, but they were very loved.

You eyes never opened,
you couldent hear a sound.
I hope you could feel
the love all around.
And i sit here and cry
because i could not protect you
and before i knew it
your life was through
i held you so few times,
and love you so much
i hope that conveyed
in every touch.
i have to say goodbye
but ill never forget
the love that we shared
the time that we spent.
i have some pictures,
its never enough.
its not same same
as when we can touch.
but forever youll hold
a place in my heart
a love that will follow you
when we do part.

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Bless their little hearts Weve got lots of members cats and kittens over the bridge who i know will be looking after them all

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Sorry for your loss. Poor kitties - they've moved on to a better place. Bless you, little ones.
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Poor little guys!

Thank you for loving them. In their short lives, it made all the difference.
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awww, I'm so sorry to hear about the little babies!!! At least they got to know what it felt like to be loved before crossing over though!!!
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I am so sorry for the loss of these precious little kittens. I know it is hard to lose three at a time. Rest in peace little ones. You are loved and missed.
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Lina, what BEAUTIFUL words - you were so caring for those precious little ones, and the love that you have for them shines right on up to Heaven. I am so glad that you were able to give them love and comfort during their short stay here on Earth. 7 kittens was a large litter, and perhaps it will be better for mama-kitty to have to nourish and care for only 4 - who knows the hardships that she endured before finding a safe haven in your home. Bless you for caring for this little family. Hugs, Susan
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Aw, man... that poem made my eyes tear up; and that doesn't happen often for me...

I think animals can feel our emotions, maybe smell them on us somehow, like pheromones or something... I wouldn't be surprised if you're right, and those kittens knew quite well how much you loved them.
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What a love filled eulogy for these 3 tiny ones.
Its ever so hard to deal with the loss of any pet. expecially the ones who are so helpless and young.
They will find eternal spring and endless hours of growing up over the bridge. Rest peacefully little ones.
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Im so sorry for your loss Silvermoonmyst.

RIP little kitties. Your foster meowmy obviously loved you very much
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thank you everyone, it means alot to me. My husband dosent understand how i can be so upset over kittens i only had for 3 -4 days, but i did love them so much, ill cry when i give 3 of the 4 kittens up. But they were very loved.
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I am so sorry about the loss of your three angels! I have some tiny beloved baby kittens over the Rainbow Bridge, too. Although they are missed, as you said, they are loved as well. And knew nothing but love during their short lives here on earth.

Condolences on your loss. Rest in peace, tiny babies!

Your poem was beautiful.
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