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Question about registering purebred kittens

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I'm curious about purebred registries only because we just adopted a "purebred" rottweiler dog. He does have papers but I haven't seen them yet. The former owner is mailing them. I'm curious now about the cat registries because I am about 99.999% certain that this rottweiler is mixed with something. He is the funkiest looking rottie I've ever seen. So how did he get purebred papers ?

That leads to my question for the cat breeders here. When you "register" a litter is the registry just taking your word for it on who the parents are ? Do you have to provide any proof of parentage ? Obviously the better breeders would be above reproach when it comes to the lineage but as we all know there are thousands of BYB's out there churning out puppies and kittens by the millions.

This is just a curiousity thing for me. I love my mutts and moggies ... and my "purebred" I'll get some pictures up here soon of my menagerie !
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I know with dogs that there is 1 registry that all you have to do is mail in a few photos of the dog & have papers. It could be photos of the neighbor's dog for all you know. Not saying everyone who uses that registry does this, I have also seen the golden poodle mixes be registered by this registry as well. Wonderful for the BYB's as they now can just breed whatever pets they have as well now. My opinion only. As for cats, I am a breeder & have all my cat's Pedigree's as far back as I can go. I am not sure if there is a registry out there for kitties as the dog one? I sure hope not. Dawnde
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I only know how it works within FIFé. If we are to register a litter the mother has to be FIFé registred. The father doesn't but then we have to send a copy of his pedigree to the registry. If they for some reason don't trust the information from the pedigree the litter simply isn't registred in the original registry, but in an "extra registry". If the kittens from that litter are to be used in firther breeding they have to be cleared for breeding by a judge at a cat show or by two judges in your home.
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In most cat registeries, the parents usually are registered with numbers and that will be indicated on the litter registration. If the parent is not registered in the association, then you have to provide further proof (pedigree and other registration) before they will be accepted.

However, in the older pedigrees there are mistakes. "Possible" colors in the litter are taken into account now but not before. In tracing my rexes back to the original I've run across a few "impossible" colors which says that someone didn't put down the right color of the cat or it was the wrong cat. For example: one parent was a "cream" and the other was "blue/white" - the resulting offspring was a TORTOISESHELL; meaning the blue/white was probably a light off color black that looked blue to the owner.

In dogs, I'm sure the same thing is required - registration numbers with the dogs involved. You may just have a pet quality rottie. I have a lab and from time to time you get mismarked labs that you'd think were not purebred - but they are.
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That may be possible that your rotti is pet quality but people can/do get dogs registered just by pictures & absoloutley no registration numbers, oh & of course a witness's signature (which could be joe shmo) through ckc. I know akc is different, But more & more dogs are registered through ckc than akc nowadays. I had a friend buy a pup that looked like a lab but also had something else in it as well & through ckc she had it registered within 2 weeks as a full blooded lab.... And now is going to breed it & sell the pups for 350.00 a piece.....
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Is CKC - Canadian Kennel Club?

Unless your friend has both parents of the pups or breeds to the neighbor's lab (registered or not), the likelyhood of her finding a legit AKC breeder who cares about the breed is nil! I know of no AKC lab breeder that would touch her lab, let alone breed it.
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This was my first thought exactly, That no one would stud her female, But she is getting her own male & around here ckc registered pups sell for as much as akc pups, I think it is very tasteless to say the least of her actions & have tried talking to her about it but she is still going through with it. It disgusts me that there is a registry that lets people do this so easily. CKC: Continental Kennel Have a look at their procedures for registration if you don't have parent's information or so on. It is unbelievable!!! Makes me sick, Buyers beware when buying a pup registered this way....
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This is from the site about dogs without registartion, does this blow your mind or what? Read #2....

Canine Registration Applications

Canine Registration Applications are used to apply for Registration in the following circumstances:

1.Dogs which are currently registered with another recognized kennel club may be registered by completing the CKC Canine Registration Application, making a copy of the other kennel club’s Registration papers, and sending them to Continental Kennel Club’s Registration office with the proper Registration fee, or

2.Dogs over 6 months of age which have no previous Registration history may be registered by providing 2 witness signatures attesting to the purebred status of the dog along with 3 photos (front,left and right) of the dog to confirm it is ‘of proper breed type’ as defined by our current CKC Registration Rules and Regulations. Canine Registration Applications are available in PDF format from our web site. (click here)
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well first off if it was a real thing u should have gotten the pappers with the dog no reason they have to mail them o u just guessing but im thinking u wont see them
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I know, This is my friend's dog. She knows it isn't purebred, But continued to register it. She knows it's wrong but I'm a little peeved that the registry is so careless with it.
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Yes ConKC is the puppy mill registry. As is APRI and WKC. The only reputable ones are AKC, Canadian Kennel Club, and UKC.
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Exactly right....There aren't any cat registry's like this though I don't think, I sure would hope not.
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Thank you everyone for your responses !!! As I said, this was just a curiosity thing on my part. I don't care about the registry papers for my rottie but I'll be interested to see exactly who he's registered with. He's neutered so there's no pups in his future anyway.
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Originally Posted by cookandcompany
Exactly right....There aren't any cat registry's like this though I don't think, I sure would hope not.
Actually there are feline registries that only require a photo. Some are breed specific and some will take any cat. The internet has made these registries more accessible. Its always a good idea to look up a registry and find out what is required to register with them.
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