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My Pregnant Baby

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Ok you might be sick of Skittles but I dont care. I am a doting mommy I love to show my kids off I also want to ask if it looks like she is arching her back. Is that ok. I mean she looks pregnant to me now and it has only been a week since the vet confirmed it. She is 32 days at the least no clue when she got pregnant. Does she look ok.

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OOOHHH shes beautiful!!!!
Its good to be a proud mommy i know i am, my journal is FULL of pictures of all my babies, fur and non fur lol.
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Yep I think we have gotten super close because of the pregnancy. She is now lovable to me Does she look ok at 32 days.
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Ok here is a pregnant mom's tail.

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i think she looks beautiful!!!
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Thank you she is so sweet too...
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she looks it
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Right now she is hogging the puter chair...
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ive had that happen lol. or taz decides my pillow is the PERFECT napping spot... when im ready for bed.
Then you feel guilty about moving a pregnant kitty.....
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She likes to lay on my back and last night I had to pee I held it a few hours boy did that hurt.
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She looks quite lovely so far in her pregnancy. Any plans after the kittens arrive? are you going to keep them all or try to adopt them out? if you need help having momma and the new babies altared when the time is right, let me know, there are a ton of low cost spay/ neuter clinics that do great work all over the US. They usually will deworm the babies and vaccinate them at a low cost. Best of luck, i hope her pregnancy continues to go well.
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All will be fixed and my family is taking them and I will keep 2 I posted a update of her in another thread and I just can not beleive how big she has gotten
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She's sooooo purty!!
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She is so beautiful. These just now came up. I had looked and looked for her pictures and couldnt find them anywhere. Guess they wanted me to just sit and wait for ages. LOL
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LOL thank you all. Hubby raised her so he deserves all credit... She is great
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