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How Much do Kittens generally Eat

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Miss Pandora seems to have the appetite of a large dog. Anytime I set food out she pounces on it. My husband says she is a growing kitten and eats alot.

I feed them both the same food. It's for all cats of all ages by Purina.

I also once a day feed them wet food. I try opening the can in a different room other than where the kitten is so Miss Peaches can have the first taste of it. But the kitten smells it and hears the can opening and comes running and has half of it gone super quick.

I've already de-wormed her. But I don't remember kittens eating so much.

My folks' cat when he was a kitten did the same thing and now he's chunky. But doesn't look chunky, more of a bulky build.

She's not like getting super fat or anything. But still. She's a pig. Or is it normal for a kitten at 8 weeks to eat alot.
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weve always let the animals eat however much they wanted, specailly when they were young, and ive never had an overweight animal. Unless you could the .5 oz that our toy poodle is supposidly overweight, i would think as long as she isnt getting fat or anything shes ok. Just needs the energy to terrorize!
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Energy to terrorize is right. She's a bucket of terror that one. Spunky for sure.
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I know my puppy I have to watch the food but I have skittles and she just ate what she wanted. I have always made sure her food and water is full. As a kid my cats all where feed that way. Taz we had put down at 17 was healthy but had a cancer in her cheek for 3 years that ate her away. My dog Dazy was 13 she passed in March was never over weight. I also think the quality of food matters.
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i think cats have more restraint about eating the dogs, ive seen puppys just eat and eat and eat, but a cat only eats for a bit then leaves. Tazzie is fond of small meals, a bunch of them rather then eating big ones. But shes a nursing mom too, so that might have something to do with it, But we have never restricted a cats diet. dogs yes, but cats no.
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Well yeah, Pandora eats like she's starving, I mean she's fond of eating....and doesn't let Peaches near the bowl. I have three food bowls I should mention. So it's not like Peaches doesn't get to eat.

But when she's done she walks away licking her cute little chops and takes a nap.
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