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When you realize

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that no one is on your side. Well yesterday, it rained really hard while I was talking to Roxie outside. So I slipped inside the lobby and set my books on a chair so they wouldn't get wet and went back outside. I ended up going up to my room without getting my books so they were there over night and this morning I was looking for my Spanish book and I couldn't find it. My roommate informed me that she had seen my books downstairs in the lobby. So I got down there and my reading book and workbook were there, but my Spanish book was missing. It had been stolen, just like everything else in my residence hall. Joe didn't seemed to worried about it. (We share the book, even though I paid for it.) He just shrugged and said "Well that sucks." I paid $45 for that book and now its gone.

So I talked to Roxie today about it and told her how Mandy should have grabbed my books since she knows I never leave them down there and that Joe should at least be somewhat sympathetic. Well I guess she talked to Joe and Mandy and so now Mandy and Joe are both mad at me. I know I should tell the RA's but all they can do is make the residence hall pay for it. And with so many people in the hall, its pocket change per person, so no one will come foreward and no one will get punished for stealing my book. *sigh* Everyday I feel more and more alone here.
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Sorry you're feeling so alone.
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I will send some happy vibes your way.
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Thanks. You guys are pretty awsome.
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When you need a hug just pop in here and ask there is plenty to go around.
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I'm so sorry. I can sympathize with living in a dorm. I hated it during my two years in one. Added to the problem of never being able to find a sane roommate

I hope you feel better soon, and I know this is trite, but it isn't forever. Hopefully you'll be able to move in with some friends to a house soon.

Could you put a ad in your campus paper? I know here they'll run a lost or found ad free of charge for three days. You could offer a reward of like $10... annoying I know to pay for your own book but you wouldn't have to pay for another that way. And you should make Joe pay for half this time if you do have to get a new book.

What version do you use by the way? I have two different versions (if you're first year) and maybe I could help?
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How sad that Mandy did not look out for your best interests!! Her anger, and Joe's, are probably reactions to the guilt that they feel in their hearts. Perhaps you can approach them, and let them know that it was safer telling Roxie how you felt because of their reactions! Sound like they need a course in growing up!! I am so sorry you're feeling lonely - your TCS family really cares about you, remember that!
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I can sympathize...I went to a school where your stuff would get stolen if you left it unattended. The sad thing is this was in the honors dorm.

I do hope though that it does turn up. I know its pocket change, but I really would get in touch with the RAs. Maybe if more people did this everytime someone stole something others would get sick of it and the stealing would reduce.
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