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Cat sprayed 22ft of my home

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Well....here's a nasty story to tell. I'll shorten it for sanity reasons.
As some of you may know, I have 4 (neutered) boy kitties that live in my home. Also, that I go out of my way to make them happy, hence; we built our boys a giant cat enclosure.

Anyway, I made the mistake of rescuing a female cat and bringing her in my home, for way too long . (approx. 2 months) She was a lovable 5 year old cat who happen to have major litter box issues. On top of having those issues, my 4 boys terrorized her even more by stalking her while she was in the litter box. She eventually was too scared to go in the box, so she went on my carpet. Oh joy. So, I found her a home—a grandmother with a screen room adopted her, issues and all. Thank GOD!

My 4 boys responded to her presence and to her urine on the rug, by marking their territory. I don't know when it started, I just know that the smell of "cat spray" is horrible and I finally located it in my dining room, on my baseboards... their spray not only ran down the wall, but into my carpet. (I'm dieing now!)

I noticed that my wallpaper was peeling up one day while cleaning up the cat spray. I started peeling and peeling and peeling—effortlessly my paper fell off because it was soaked with spray.

In tears, I screamed EUREKA and a few expletives! That was why the smell never went away. The wall paper preserved the spray, sort of like "Saran Wrap." To my disgust, my entire dining room was wrecked. 22 ft. of cat spray was beneath the paper. Check out this pic:

The cat spray soaked through the sheet rock and baseboards. It soaked through the rug padding and went into the concrete. Trust me, it put the "N" in Nasty… Check out this pic:

So, obviously, I had to have the carpet removed, bleach the floors for 2 days, the walls and baseboards had to be kicked out and replaced. Blah, blah, blah... At this point, you can guess the rest . Here's a picture of the same damaged area, BUT repaired: http://www.spearswardco.com/wallrepaired.jpg

It was a costly lesson for me to disturb all 4 of my cat's environment by bringing home another cat. My job was not over, though. Now I had to work on my cat's behavior problems. Removing the smell, that was a HUGE factor. Then with the aid of Feliway Spray, for the next 3 months I basically did therapy with my cats. They seem to be very happy and I haven't seen CAT SPRAY since!

I still use Feliway to keep peace in my family. That stuff is like GOLD to me..It works!

Ok, that's my story. I feel better now. LOL!

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Kim, If it helps, the job looks beautiful! I'm so sorry that happened. I have had cats who used my plants as a bathroom, and one who liked a specific area of the rug, but this is the worst!
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It's really amazing (but gross) how quick everything happened. I believe that this kind of behavior has to be dealt with as soon as it's noticed. Trying to change the habits of a cat can make a human crazy... or divorce court may be required...... lol!


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this is one heck of a horror story. eeeek!

thank god my boys dont spray! I am glad it had a good ending though.

good luck with the boys
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Hey! I graduated from Leesburg High School many years ago! Is the ancient Spanish style building still used for the school? They got air conditioning the year after I graduated.

I'm glad your spraying problem was successfully solved. Thank goodness you were patient with your kitties!
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Hey Kim?

So glad you love your cats as much as you do. Just a tip, next time go out and buy a blacklight. Turn off the lights in the room that smells and turn on the blacklight. Cat urine glows under the blacklight and you can find it quickly that way.
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Hissy, You are one smart lady. I can't write the tips down as fast as I get them sometimes!
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What a horror story! I hope for you sake there won't be a next time , but maybe others can use that great tip from Hissy. You can get that flashlight at PetsMart.com. Feel free to use the link with the special discount coupon on our main page:
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Well, so far, I haven't had a single problem with urine spraying or territorial marking for over 9 months. However, I think I will go get a flashlight, just because I'm not over the trauma yet...LOL!

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too bad you couldn't sue your cats! LOL anyways, its a pity that happened to you. and it sure sounds like it cost a lot of money because some cat decided he wanted to be "smelt" lol

im sorry.....my cat Pooh (whom I rescued off a military base) is still learning to be a good boy. He sprayed ANYTHING that was floor level....suitcases, laundry baskets, you name it. We had to pretty much keep everything closeted until he learned to quit.

but anyways, sorry to hear that happened to you.

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Has anyone ever heard of piddle pants? It was a last resort for my male cat. I tried feliway, drugs (prozac, among others) tin foil over the soiled places and everything else I ever heard of. He's been wearing the pants for 3 months now. It's a pain to change him but he seems very happy and he's worth it. Just wondered if anyone else had ever tried these.
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