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Making you feel guilty

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I went to the grocery last night to pick up a few things and was gone 30 to 40 minutes tops. Arrived home and got out of the car to hear the the most loud, pitiful meows. My first thought was "Oh no, there's a cat in trouble." But it wasn't a stray - it was my own Gracie, sitting in the window facing the driveway expressing her displeasure at being separated from me! :rolleyes
Of all of mine, she's the most attached to her meowmy. My poor, sad, neglected little girl (not!!!). She made me feel so guilty for leaving her.

Does your cat(s) ever make you feel guilty?
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Awww, poor Gracie!

Yeah, all three of my babies do this to me! I just nipped to the supermarket (hardly a long time) and I came back to three cats meowing and rubbing against me! You'd have thought I'd just come back from a dangerous mission or something!

Willow is probably the worst (due to his background) and gets like this even if I nip out to the bin!

They certainly know how to pull your heart strings, don't they?!!
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All the would think they are horribly deprived. Especially now that I have a foster mom and litter locked in my room. Everytime I go in there (even for 30 seconds) Lucky will start meowing pitifully (even if she just spent several hours asleep on my chest putting my arm to sleep). I did sneak out of the bedroom once while she was doing this guilt trip to find her stretched out on her back in the sun while putting on this guilt trip!! :P I wonder where they learn to do this!
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Pepperpot made me feel guilty yesterday. I was holding Kevin, who was sleeping and Peeps wanted on my lap, but Kev was there. You should have seen the look she gave me when I wouldn't let her sit on the sleeping baby! I still scritched her on the chair arm, but apparently that wasn't good enough!
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Gracie! Your mama came right back!!

I normally just get the regular running-around-my-ankles-meow-rub-against-my-leg welcome when I get home. They do, however,make me feel guilty when I'm giving one attention and the othe feels jealous. They're experts at getting in my direct line of view, turning their back on me, and giving me that one, hurtful look over their shoulder. Pathetic!
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Harley is really good at doing this

John & I are gone all day for work - and when I get home at noon, he will sit at the door until I pick him up and give him kisses and attention for at least 5 minutes!

And if I dont pick him up right away, he will sit there and stare at me and make me feel guilty for not making him my #1 priority when I walk thru the door!
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I forgot to buy Chuckie's treats last night and he kept poking around the grocery bags and giving me a "where are they?" look.
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Since we got Whitey, Luna has been doing that. If I'm flying Da Bird, she'll join in the "hunt". But once Whitey starts to jump after the feather, she'll walk away and watch from afar.

Its I stuff whitey in a room and let her have Da Bird for a bit!
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I wish Trout was like that..Somedays I don't know if she knows I'm alive
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Mooch and Noodles got mad at me when I left for work this morning! Then they snubed me when I got home...for a minute anyway!

Plus when I was walking to the bedroom last night for bed (the girls aren't allowed in the bedroom because of DH's allergies) Noodles bit my pant leg and pawed at me like she was trying to stop me!
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Our kitties do that, too. They sit in the window and cry.

When I was in Jr. High School, and we lived in a two-story home, and my kitty would sit in my bedroom window on the second story and cry. I could hear her from the street when the window was was so pitiful!! Lol...

Aren't they cute?
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Sam does that. He always watches me as I'm leaving and stares until I shut the door.

And also, if I'm on the computer (I have a laptop) he gets jealous and will try his best to squeeze in between me and the side of the couch. Poor guy. He's sensitive.
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Zissou can't even let me go to the bathroom by myself!
I come home to find her sitting in the window watching for me. She never sits in this window when I'm home. She also likes to meow out open windows if she can see me. So sad.
I don't feel guilty though. Just like a little kid, what're you sposed to do, never leave the house cause the cat's sad? She's never been alone overnight or anything.
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