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I got a scare

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Got a phone message, last night, that my son had been in an accident. When I called the number, Mark answered. It seems that he totaled his motorcycle. I had to keep asking him if HE was OK. He, just wanted to talk about the bike. I, finally, found out that he'd broken his collarbone and another bone, in his shoulder and had quite a bit of road rash. He and Samantha (his fiance) stopped by the house, on their way back to Benson, so that I could see that he's OK. He looks worse than he is. They showed me his helmet - thank God he was wearing it! From the scrape marks, he would have torn off the whole left side of his head. I've worried about him and that bike but, I can't say much - I got my first one, at age 13. All I've said was "be careful". At least, he's alive and has no permanent damage.
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OMG!!! That is scary and what a terrible thing to get a phone call about !!! I know what you feel like, years ago, my brother lost control while he was going 50 mph. He didn't break anything, but he had a lot of road rash also, his jacket was ripped up, and his helmet was badly cracked in the middle. If it wasn't for the helmet, my brother would probably not be with us anymore. So you can see that I do know exactly what you went through with your son.
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Since I had to work today, Bill called, to check on Mark. He was feeling OK and was getting ready to go out with Samantha and her family. If the company will assign him a truck, with an automatic tranny, he can go back to work, in a couple of days. I'm just glad that he's alive and well.
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oh goodness. my next door neighbor (as a child), had a cruiser bike, he'd get drunk and drive out on it, and get in accidents all the time. Frankly I don't know how, or why that man is still alive.

My fiance & I use to ride sports bikes, we both love them, almost 2 years back now, he took a bad spill on a mountain road(lucky he was with a large group of riders that day, one of the annual DC rides). But his bike was totalled, no one called me for 4 hours, to tell me what happened. Its a good thing that he wears FULL gear, or he would have been dead. He had minor scrapes on the palm of his hands (he had good gloves) he put his hands down to see if he had stopped moving after he was thrown off, but nope, he was still going, so it ripped off all the leather on his glove (theirs no real padding on the palms, because NORMALLY its not a place that needs protection).
We haven't gotten another bike sense, this was his... 2nd or 3rd bad spill on a bike, I guess he finally figured out that the odds were against him. He's a VERY good and safe driver/rider, but... I guess fait doesn't like him.

So yes, I totally understand how you feel!
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Originally posted by AngelzOO
he put his hands down to see if he had stopped moving after he was thrown off, but nope, he was still going, so it ripped off all the leather on his glove
That sounds really painful.
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I'm grateful for your son's safety. I know bikes are fun, but two wheels just aren't as stable as four.
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Just wondering how your son is doing. It hurts me to hear of anyone having an accident like that. I grew up on bikes and have seen many bad ones over the years, but have been very fortunate to never have had a serious one myself. Hope he is doing well.
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Wow, Cindy! No wonder you were scared! But it is good to hear he is okay!!!! Thank God he was weraing his helmet!!!! My stepson has a dirtbike (a big one...the biggest series they make, it is as big as a regular bike and I am constantly worried he will get hurt.....but he does wear his helmet too.
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Thanks, everyone. Mark called me, this afternoon. He's feeling pretty good. (I think the oxycodone has something to do with that.) He wants to go back to work but, his boss says not until he's 100%. Mark is going to try to talk the doctor into signing off on him. It will be hard for him to shift the truck, though. He's busted up on his right side and all of the company trucks are stick shifts. I've got a date with L'Oreal: the kid has given me a whole new slew of gray hairs!
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Phone rang, again, Tuesday night. It was Mark's fiance, Samantha. She told me that Mark had just come out of surgery. It seems that his left hand was broken, not sprained. It had to be pinned and wired. They were calling from the outpatient surgery recovery room. I talked to Mark and he said that he couldn't call me sooner because of all the paperwork that he had to do. He was fine when I saw him, last Saturday. That young man is going to be the death of me, yet. I'll be worrying about him, when he's 40. I DID get one bit of good news: looks like they're getting married, in September. He wants a funky, offbeat wedding; she wants more traditional. I hope Sam wins. I want to see Mark and Bill in tuxedos.
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I hope his hand heals completely. You know, if men only knew how handsome they look in formal attire, and what a turn-on even a white shirt can be they'd make the sacrifice more often!
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That's great news about the wedding! Do they have a date set?
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No definite date, yet. They'd better get on it quickly, though. Even a small wedding takes a lot of planning: cake, flowers, dress. The church and minister are set: Sam's father has married all of his other children and he doesn't plan to stop now. I have to stay out of this, its their call. I need enough notice to arrange time off from work and buy a new dress.
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