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Is face rubbing okay?

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Lilith is a ten year old siamese that is always "talking" - I wish I understood what she wants, she was unfortunately declawed before I joined her family. She does have annual check-ups and shots by Dr. Merck who's a cat specialist.

In any case, Lilith seems to frequently rub the sides of her face against every corner and thing she can - her ears appear to be clean, to me.

Is the face rubbing normal behavior or does it indicate a problem?

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She's just spreading her scent around- it's harmless.
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Tab does this all the time. At first I thought she might have toothache but the vet said she was just spreading her scent. She loves to rub her face on my fingers and on door frames.
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Siamese cats talk thats their nature.Face rubbing is also normal besides rubbing their scent its a sign of affection and love. My Siameases rub me in the face and head butt all the time.
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I've also heard that face-rubbing is also thier way to identify objects as well as spread scent. The cats at the vets office I have Miki at do it a lot.
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That's completely normal behaviour - particularly for a Siamese. As for not understanding what she's saying to you, give it some time -- soon enough she'll have you trained to know what she's saying to you.

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