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Pictures of my pregnant cat

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I just took some pics of Momma cat. I have no idea when she is due since she was pregnant when i got her.I know you cant tell by how big the mom is but im hoping maybe you guys can give me some idea of how much longer, even if it is by weeks. I have never had a pregnant cat, I dont know how big is big when it comes to their continously growing stomachs.I hope its ok to post pictures here.

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Do you know if she is a bengal or a bengal mix?
She looks to be due any
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The person we got her from said she was an F1 Bengal, she gave us her papers too that showed she was, she does kind of look like an Ocicat to me, but you can definetly can see the Bengal in her face.

I hope she gives birth soon, Im so anxious especially since I dont know when it will happen.
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Here are some pictures of the father, his name is Romeo, he is a Savannah/Amur Leopard cat mix.

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Wow he is gorgeous!
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Look at that belly! Momma is beautiful So is Romeo!
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I was sure my momma was gonna pop for a week. Every morning I would wake up and there she was, still fat! The day she gave birth, her belly seemed to drop. The first picture of your momma is kinda what she looked like that morning she gave birth. Have you noticed her belly hanging lower? The momma and dad are gorgeous, I can't wait to see the babies.
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those are going to be some amazing kittens!
WOW what a beauty.
My cousin told me to feel low between the legs and feel if there was a kitten engaged. It was right between her pelvic bones. She said after that happened it would be soon.

My cat had hers when no one thought she would. I just kept going out for several hours in the evening for the last week, and finally she had them, well started to while i was out.
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Those baby's are going to be beautiful. WOW. Bengals are beautiful I think she is going to poop in the next few days. Is there milk in her teets.
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Originally Posted by momof3rugratz
I think she is going to poop in the next few days.

I'd sure hope so!
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wow, she is beautiful!!! SO is her dad!!!

I can't wait to see the kittens!!!
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You will have to post when she starts to deliver so we can pace with you
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Thank you everyone! I just love Momma, she is so pretty and is just so loving, even the day we first brought her home, she was so loving and not scared or shy at all. She is an awesome cat!

I moved my comforter and pillows in the room with her so I can sleep with her and keep an eye on her.She absolutly loves the attention and she slept curled up to me all night.

I do have a quesiton though. Her nails are really long and sharp. I havnt attempted to trim them yet because im worried about stressing her out.I have never cut her nails before (I have only had her a month or so) so I dont know how she will react.Im worried she could accidnetally hurt the babies if I dont cut them. Should I try cutting them or just leave it alone?

Also as far as nesting boxes go I have one cardboard box that I put newspaper and towels in, I put it in one of the far corners of the room. I also have a large dog crate in there with newspapers and blankets, and a small cat carrier with blankets. Will she know to use these cause i havnt seen her go in the crates or go in the box. Should I start putting her food in either the box or the large crate or will she know when it is time and use one of the areas I set up for her?

Thanks in advance for any replies. Im so glad I found this site, you guys are all very nice and there is a lot of imformation here.
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Wow that is one pregnant kitty! She is totally gorgeous, so is Romeo I can't wait to see these kittens
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