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Midnight's Memorial Picture

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It is 14 years ago this month that I adopted Midnight from my local no-kill shelter. I had a bond with this cat that was stronger than any other bond I have ever had with an animal. In January 2001 Midnight was diagnosed with glaucoma in both eyes which lead to permenant blindness and episodes of severe pain and inflammation. In spite of all the efforts the vet and I made the glaucoma was progressing and it was becoming more and more difficult to control the episodes of severe pain. Midnight was put to sleep at home last August, she will always be remembered.

Midnight....August 1987 to August 2001
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Lorie, the bond you spoke of--it's a very real and mysterious thing, isn't it? It's not just that one of your animals is your favorite; it's deeper than that. I have always had several cats, and after my "special" baby, Pixie, died, one of the others did not step into that role. I had to wait until years later and my current Siamese female came along. I loved the other cats, but it just wasn't the same. It was the same with my dogs. There must be something we don't understand.
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Boy do I know the bond you felt with that cat. I've got that same thing with my smokey. she is a wonderful cat and somehow we understand each other completely. I know what she wants & she always seems to know what I want. Sadly my baby has CRF & so I'm facing her loss. So I understand some of the sadness that you are feeling. Take comfort in knowing that while there will never be a cat exactly the same, I believe it is possible to find another cat to have that bond with.
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Lorie - your tribute to Midnight is very special. Your last act of love was to let him pass. I remember when he crossed. You remain in my thoughts.

Rang_27 - I am sorry for your pain over Smokey. I hope that he is comfortable.
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Thank you Jeanie and Debra. Rang_27 I am so sorry to hear about Smokey's CRF and I truely understand what you are going through.
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