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4 Week old Update pics

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Well our babies are almost four weeks old and boy are they starting to show their personalities. They are fat little critters with beautiful clear eyes. They are all walking strongly now with very few shakes. Mom Angie can’t decide where she wants her babies to stay. She moved them for the fifth time behind our bed. I sat down and had a little talk with her explaining that that wasn’t going to work and that she and I had to find an acceptable safe place for them to stay. After snubbing several of my suggestions she compromised by going back to the original place beside my chair but only after I made it larger and more comfy… her babies are getting bigger you know. Sometimes I really do believe she understands what I say. (no joke)

We also have teeth! I checked their mouths this weekend and was surprised by a mouth full of pearly whites. I figured that would explain why Angie has begun to cry and vocalize so much when they are nursing. It’s actually getting pretty bad too. After I saw their teeth I decided to put a little warm water in a can of Angie’s kitten food and see if any of them would take any interest in it. Well Miss Rosie did! As soon as I put it down she toddled over to it and immediately started lapping it up. I was absolutely amazed as she is the smallest of the bunch. The others just played in it for a while and licked their tiny feet afterward. Am I getting ahead of myself with the solid food? I was thinking since they have teeth it might be alright to start trying it? I also let them walk around a bit in a little kitty litter while we were supervising but I believe we will wait a bit more on that.

Rosie’s first bites of real food

Angie and her babies. See her mouth open… she lays there crying the whole time as if she is in very bad pain because of their teeth.
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so cute... they look like like cows hehe. Thanks for sharing
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Awww, look at all the spotted kitties!! They all look so much like Momma, I think she is smiling for the camera in the last picture.
That is great that Rosie is already taking to solid foods. That is just fine that she took to it so easy.
Great pics!!
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Maybe mommy will get lucky and the other kits will follow Rosie's lead
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Oh they are just too cute! She looks like a very patient mummy bless her.
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How beautiful! They all look like momma, how sweet Congrats! I can't wait until mine open their eyes
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awwww cow kitties ( there is a horse down my MIL road that is a cow pony) they are all SOOOOOO cute! Just like their mama.
I can imagine biting hurts poor mama
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They look like baby cow kitties. So adorable.

It's probably the teeth that are hurting her a bit.....
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Gorgeous mum and babies!

Stormy - what is that you prepared for the little kitten to eat? (just so I know for a week or two's time when I need to start weaning my little ones)
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hehe Thanks guys..... yeah they all have cow spots except for little Hanna. She was the last one born and is mostly white except for a calico paturn on her head and tail.

We are a Nutro Natural Choice family.. all felines and all but one pup who has to have grain free are on Nutro. Rosie is eating a can of Nutro chicken and lamb kitten food watered down with a half can of warm water. She loved it and the rest seemed to enjoy licking it off their little paws.

I am convinced that mom and dad having such a good quality diet since they were kittens has helped our little ones now grow so quickly and be so healthy.
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