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New Kitty Who Is Extremely Shy!

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Hi everyone! I have finally found a new kitty, Bijou, who is a female, year and a half old, and very stressed in her new environment! I met her before she was here and it has been over 24 hours with no litter use, only eating a bit of tuna I give her where she is basically, and just now she hissed at me when I was just talking to her. Any ideas to make her more comfortable? I have been doing a lot of talking to her which seems to help but all she wants to do is hide! I will not force her to do or go anywhere, but she is worrying me!
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Keep her in a quiet dimly lit room with her food water and litter in seperate parts of the room. A bedroom will work, or laundry room. Just sit with her and talk to her and let her come to you when she is ready. Don't try to approach her or stress her out even more.

Feed her some stinky food, not tuna though unless it is cat food tuna flavoured. Give her time, it has only been 24 hours like you said, she is in a new place with new people and new smells (maybe new fellow animals too??) be patient.
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Yes- it sounds like you gave her the run of the house?
If so she doesn't know where to go for safety, or where the good hiding places are. A "safe room" with minimum activity would be a real gift to her.
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You have been given some good advice re keeping Bijou in one room until she's feeling at home. Definitely continue speaking to her with a soft, calm voice. As for not using her litter for 24 hours, don't panic. When I brought Sadie home, it was almost 36 hours before she used her litter. Be patient, she will come around!
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If she has been to the vet and you know she is healthy, just ignore her. See to her needs, litter pan, water food on a regular schedule, but other than that don't expect anything at all from her. Once you take the pressure off her, she will relax and come up to you headbumping you and saying "hey remember me?" But if she acts off- lethargic, has diarrhea, won't eat, or misses the pan, get her to the vet
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Try feliway plug ins. Cindy was very shy, hiding uder the bed and such, when we got her. I finally got some plug ins and she has become an extremely friendly little girl (when she is in the mood ).

It takes some cats more time to adjust to a new environment I guess.

We brought Swanie and Cindy home the same night. Swanie was comfortable immediately and all he wanted to do was explore and snuggle up with us. So I think having Swanie around definitely helped her too (they're great friends).
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Thankyou everyone! As it turned out, Bijou was a 1 mom cat! She still would'nt eat, drink or litter after 48 hours and I became more stressed than her,! So I had her Mom pick her up and take her home where she emmediately went potty then ate and became herself. I was so concerned of a health issue developeing but I believe we caught it just in time!
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