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Well just finished watching Ghost in the Shell Innocence. This is absolutely brilliant

If you haven't seen it yet then i can honestly say you won't watch a better anime.

As with all the GitS films the story line is brilliantly put together and the graphics, well....just go watch it.
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Here is a link from the ACEN anime conference site defining anime and manga.

The movies and TV shows I have seen my 17 y/o son watching are not extremely appealing to me. They are very creative, but often very dark. The books (manga), however, are rather riveting. They are comic books you read from back cover to front...and I get hooked on them easily. But like comic books, the story often runs from one issue to the next, so you find yourself hanging until next months copy comes! LOL!
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Miyasaki fan here!
Wish I could make a siggy with pics of his works but there's the copyright question.
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woohoo! Thanks to Arlyn I found a thread altho I had made one if you wanna take a look!

Ima HUGE anime fan...now. lol Thanks to hubby. Thats All we watch, I cant remeber the last time we watched a movie. lol
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