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Kittie in heat and bleeding!!!!

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Hey guys!

Will post shortly telling you about my orange ball of fluffy fur, Marmalade (or Marmie for short)

She is two and just this past Friday started bleeding for the first time. All other heat have just included moaning, groaning, licking, and just wanting to be rubbed down.

Different story this month...she has a pretty heavy flow that is getting tangled in her fur and matted close to her skin, so we're afraid to take the scissors or razors close by. No moaning or groaning either.

I did notice, however, that the particular area is a bit swollen.

I called our vet this morning, and said that occasional spotting is "normal," but not a lot. They said it could be nothing, just an infection, or something more. We'll be taking her in for a check-up later this week, but right now I just need some suggestions on how to get rid of the blood that is clumped to her bum, so we don't have to keep her confined to one room.

Someone at work told me that rubbing alcohol would work, but I don't know if that would just irritate the area more or not. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please e-mail me at work at, as I won't get back to this site until late tomorrow night and can't wait to tell you more about Marmie (hopefully this forum accepts pics, so you can all see her).

She's such a pleasure!..and right now, me and the b/f are worried sick about her.

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Waterless shampoo.

And I would get her looked at sooner. If it is indeed an infection things can go south fairly rapidly.
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I think she need the vet ASAP. It is obvious she isn't spoting but bleeding. Please see if you can get her in sooner.
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This is gross, but when you say "pretty heavy flow" do you mean like an adult woman?
My gut reaction is a vet asap. And it being swollen is worrisome...
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I have to there a reason she isn't spayed? It is not healthy for her to continuously go into heat after heat...she needs to be spayed. As for the bleeding, that is not normal to have that much blood. I think you should take her in right away to be looked at.
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If she is flowing heavy I would think the vet would see her ASAP.. But am in the country.
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First of all, you came to a very very great place to ask for assistance. One thing, you might feel frusterated that everyone tells you that you should get your cat spayed and just says "take them to the vet" without giving you anything you can do to help. I thought the same thing when I first came here, but that was only because I was uninformed. I didn't realize what it did to my cat or how it made her feel, or even the huge dangers it put her in. I didn't believe it until I HAD to hurry and take her in for an emergency spay because we thought she had Pyometra. Turned out she had cysts on her ovaries, she was 4. Since you are planning on taking her to the vet already take the next step and get her in as soon as possible. If you vet can't see her, find someone who can! If you care about her and how she feels,(which it seems like you do!) get her in ASAP!!!

Good Luck too and let us know how it turns out!

Jill & Kitters
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Jill said it well- get the cat to the vet, this could be a bad thing to "wait" on.
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I'd get her to the vet ASAP - if she's been in heat and not pregnant it could mean trouble. She might have miscarried, its might be pyrometria, or any number of other reasons (not good ones either).

Why is she not spayed and a few years old? The longer you let a cat go in/out of heat and she's not being bred, the risk of cancer increases dramatically. Please get your cat spayed if you are so worried about her health.
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If you spay her you have nothing to worry about when it comes to cleaning the blood up
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I agree with the others, take her to the vet. Sounds to me like she could have pyometra or some other uterine disorder.
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Is there a update. Been a few days please let us know.
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Mama was a year old before we had her spayed, she has a heart murmur and we were told she wouldn't make it through the surgury. Never once did she bleed and one of the major problems of not being spayed is pyometria. If she does have this (which it sounds like she may) and not treated by spaying the cat will die. The uterus swells with puss and eventually explodes inside, not a pretty story. If she's a cat that is breed then the risk is reduced because the cat ovulates. A cat that goes into heat repeatedly without ovulating is more at risk for pyometria. So if you don't breed her I would take her and get her spayed, it could save her life.
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Hey everyone!

Thanks for all your concern and thoughts.

We had Marmie to the vet today, and the vet cleaned her up a bit, checked her out, and put her on antibiotics. She wasn't 100% sure what was going on, but she said it was either a urinary tract infection OR endometritis, which would be completely fixed with a spay. She is still bleeding, but the vet wants her on antibiotics for two weeks and then she'll be spayed shortly thereafter. The vet wants the spay done, but doesn't seem too concerned cause she wants to wait a couple of weeks; maybe its because every thing else is normal. Of course, blood tests and x-rays would confirm for sure, but she said it was either or. She was very well behaved the whole time. Once she is spayed, she'll be A-Okay 100%. I'll keep you guys posted. My battery is charging on my digital, so I'll post pics soon. She's an orange ball of fluff and absolutely beautiful.
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Good to hear she's on antibiotics. It's definately better to get the cat on antibiotics before spaying her.
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Well, just wanted to give you guys an update and ask some advice.

We've been giving Marmie her antibiotics now since Saturday afternoon orally, 2 ml three times a day. She's doing fantastic, and the bleeding/spotting seems to be resolving. There was none yesterday, but did notice this evening a bit. Anyways, she's a trooper when it comes time to take her medication. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for me...problem being...well, for the first day, one of us would hold her, the other would give her the medication; that didn't work, she'd dig her claws in and tore us up. Since Sunday night, I've been cornering her whereever I can and give the medication to her that way. K...back to the problem...she is supposed to be getting 2 ml; however, she tends to drool and I have medication all over the place. She's getting more than 1.5 mL, but not the full amount. Any suggestions on how I can make sure she doesn't drool and get the full amount. Clear as mud...

Any suggestions greatly appreciated...She ran away from me supper time. I think she knows the routine now.
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I would add it to a spoon of wet food....
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Here's the method that's easiest for me. I 'sit' on my kitty, let's see how well I can describe this lol. I sit on my knees with the cat inbetween and lock my back feet so that they can't sneak out from behind. Then I lift the head back, squirt the liquid, wait a second until it's swallowed and then let them free. Hope that helps some :-P
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I know what you are talking about but SKittles is stronger then me and faster
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Hey, thanks for the suggestions.

I don't have any wet food at the house. I usually treat her once a month, though. I will try "sitting" on her bed time. Keep your fingers crossed!
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I sometimes "sit" on my cat too, not actually put any weight on her but hover over her so she is sort of closed in, then tilt her head up and give her the meds. if that doesn't work then I do the same thing but scruff her and wiggle the syringe in to side of her mouth and get it in there pretty far. Same thing for pills too but use one finger to shove it in there far back on her tongue and scruff, otherwise she may bite the finger
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