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Introducing myself

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Hi everyone,

I just thought I would introcuce myself since this is my first time around this wonderful site.

My name is Alon Bigler and I am the owner of BigPurrs Cattery in Israel. I breed persians specializing in Bi-colors and whites.

If you wish to see my babies you are welcome to visit our site at www.bigpurrs.com.

I am very new to these boards but am quite a veteran to the persian-cats.com boards so I wondered if any of my old friends are her as well.

I wish us all the bets spirit most informative disscussions.

Lots of love
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Welcome to the Catsite Alon. I am glad to see an experienced Persian breeder here. There have been several questions having to do with the breed. I hope you stick around
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I like your site! All beautiful kitties...but, as a Dallas Cowboys fan for life, I have to say that for some reason, Tory Aikeman is my fave! I can't believe you named your cat that! That's awesome!
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Hi Alycat,

thanks for the compliments about my site and kitties. Troy is a dear and is I think a very good choice to be my main man. he is the only breeding male at the cattery so far because Camelot is still a bit young (not even a year old).

I was not the one who named him Troy Aikman LOL. this name was chosen by his breeder Ilka from Deluxecats cattery in Texas. she names all her cats after famous people. I would guess Troy Aikman is a famous enough baseball player to name my lovely boy

Lots of Love
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