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My snowshoe

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I just wanted to show off my male snowshoe. He is even cuter than he looks

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I wanna rub that tummy! Adorable!
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What a beautiful boy!!
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Oh I could just snuggle him!
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He constantly just falls over when he wants to be close. I have never seen a cat flop as much as he does. The other day he was wanting to lay on the bed. He does his usual flop and rolled off the edge and on the floor. He was shaken but got back up and went to sleep.

Oh and believe it or not neither of his parents were siamese or snowshoe. They were grey and white American shorthairs with green eyes. I guess he got all the recessive genes. But I am very happy with the results.
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Oh what a love.
I want to kiss his sweet tummy.
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He looks like a cuddly teddy bear.. To Cute.
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This is the closest to where you can barely see the blue in his eyes. Pictures never do his eyes the justice they desearve.

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He's so beautiful, and just look at those eyes!
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yes. He is a very unique (looks and personality) kitty. I'm proud!
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one more for the day

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Oh he's adorable I just want to give him a great big hug, he looks so cuddly.Awwwwwwww.
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What a cuddly bear!

He looks very handsome! And what a floppy kitty!
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he is so cute.
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He looks so soft and squishy I saw the blue very pale but yet gentle looking.
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I love snowshoes ..Yours is gorgeous..
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I wish I could find a kitten pic of him because he didn't have that coloring he has now. He was born solid white, then his tail changed, and the rest followed. It was cool not only watching him grow,but also seeing his coat develop all of these beautiful smoky and fawn colors. I haven't seen too many cats that look like him until I started browsing cat sites and figured out that he is a snowshoe. He has the personality down to a T, and he has a lot of spirit.
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He is beautiful
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