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I acquired two ferrets today. They came to me just like most of my other pets have, the person who had them didn't want them and wanted them gone. *sigh* I hate people who think you can just throw animals away. Anyways, hubby said I could have them until I can find them a good home, since this lady certainly wasn't looking for a *good* home, just *a* home (but he hasn't met them yet, don't be surprised if they stay here forever). She didn't ask me any questions, nothing at all. Until 15 minutes ago, I'd never even held a ferret. So now I'm online researching how to take care of them.
So far I've discovered that they are both girls, and she told me they were just over a year old. There's no tattoo in thier ears, so I'm told that means they didn't come from Marshall Farm.
One of them was trembling when I held her. Does that mean she's scared, or is it just something they do?

Tell me everything you know, and if you know a good website or message board, please let me know!

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I'm sorry, I do not know anything about them except that they are very bendy, but that doesn't help you..Just wanted to wish you the best of luck with your new furries!
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Ohhh!! Ferts are soo cool! Enjoy your new fur-babies.
I got my first ferret when I was 11, under similar circumstances. We knew nothing about ferrets, and our vet didn't know a lot either...this was before they were the "in" pet. We all learned together. lol
The shaking may have just been excitement. They seem to get chilly easy, too...mine shivered quite a bit when it was chilly, and quit when I cuddled them or wrapped them in blankets. Mostly cuddling worked best. hehe
They are a blast. Do you know how old the ferrets are? Are they both female? Do you know if they are litter trained? If not, it's VERY easy to litter train one...they always poop on corners, so put them in a small room and place a litter box in one or two of the corners. If they mess in the wrong corner, move the poop to the litter box and clean the spot. They'll get the idea fairly quick.
They can eat cat food (my last ferret Kit lived almost 8 years on a diet of cat food), but you may want to check with your vet about the best diet to feed them. I know some companies make ferret food now.
Oh, and be warned about the Weasel War Dance. It is the wildest thing the first time you see it. They will hop around with their mouths wide open and heads swinging about, doing their little "chuckle" as loud as they can. It's nothing to be scared of. It just means that they're happy and playing, kind of like when your cat tears around the house with it's tail puffed out.

Ferrets are very prone to adrenal disease...this killed my first ferret. If either one starts to lose it's fur from the tail first, take it to the vet ASAP. Roxy went totally bald up to her shoulders before the vet figured out what was wrong with her. This was before ferrets were widely owned...she was the first ferret this vet had treated. From what I understand, these day this can be treated with varying degrees of success.
Also, they are rather short-lived...their life expectancy is just 7-10 years. But they will bring you great joy while they are around!

If you have any other ferret questions, feel free to PM me. I don't have one anymore, but I love talking about the little boogers! They really are a blast, and I hope you enjoy them.
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I know there very smart and can be trained to do many things like a dog ....

you can feed them NC kitten for half there diet( ferret rescue told me) ... I will write down the good ferret foods they are all at Petco....

you need to keep them contained or your house is theres
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A good friend of mine in Virginia is going to take them. Her sweet Boris lost his friend a few months ago and she said he's lonely and needs friends. So they will be going to live with Sarah and Boris. I've been reading up on them, and really, with all the pets I already have, two ferrets would be way too much work to take on long-term. I just took them to get them away from the lady who didn't care about them. Plus hubby was quite serious when he told me that I was only keeping them until I could find them a good home. He's said I coudln't have a pet before, or that I couldn't keep an animal that I found (like my Shih Tzu) or was given to me, but I could tell he didn't really mean it. He really truly means it this time!
I know they will have a good home with Sarah. But in the meantime, yeesh! These girls (they are both girls, about a year old) need a BATH!!! I'm waiting until morning to do it, because they are so stressed from thier day. Being carted around in that lady's car for who knows how long (without water, they were SO thirsty when I watered them at the pet store), then being in my car for the hour drive home, my cats sitting there smelling them, my dogs barking (dogs have since calmed down). I figured they had enogh stress for one day. They have poop stuck to thier fur (but it's not down to the skin, so waiting til morning isn't going to hurt them), and they smell absolutely awful. Think of an outside dog that isn't bathed. It's amazing that two little tiny critters can smell so terrible. I don't think it's thier scent glands, either. This is just filth.
I'll probably have them another week or so, and then they will be making the trip to Virginia.
They are cute though!

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That's great that you found a good home for them. Maybe someday you'll be able to have ferrets, but yeah, they can be a handful!
Poor little things...sounds like they had a rough journey to your house! They will probably enjoy their bath. Most ferrets like water, and even if they don't, they're easy to keep in the sink. Be sure to use a mild shampoo, just like you do for the dogs and cats. You're probably right about the source of their stinkiness right now, but ferrets can be smelly little critters. Even females can smell rather musky by bath time.
Anyway, enjoy the short time you'll have with them. Just don't keep them around too long; hubby might change his mind and want to keep them! hehe
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Aww, I'm glad you have those sweeties now.

I hate people who think you can just throw animals away.
I am so with you on that...we have gotten many pets that way as well.

We have 2 ferrets, though we've have had as many as 5 at once.
They do shiver after they first wake up so many that girl was sleeping before they arrived.

If you have any questions feel free to PM me and I'll be happy to offer any help that I can.
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