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Chloe and the gang

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Well here are some pics of the newest members of the family!



I thought it was kinda weird that none of them look like her!!

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That is true but they are healthy and beautiful
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I donno if you will find one that will look exactly like her, but you probably will find other things that will be alike or similar. Rocky was the last of his litter to go, and although his mom was a dilute calico, they had the same tux pattern. Cookie and Suzie are litter mates and althought they are different colors and sizes they have the same stripes. Susie (kittylover4ever) posted a pic of her Tiggy's sis, and although he is orange and she is black, they have the same face! If you ever read an article on the first cloned cats they don't look exactly alike. I guess conditions in the womb can change coloring.. Just my theories on family colors, I find it very interesting!
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Awwww, such a fat, happy little group! Momma looks very proud.

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So cute!!!! I love their colouring
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They must take after their papa
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Cute kitties. My cat looked nothing like either of his parents but he has the same white paws and inverted v pattern on his face. He also has a black nose like his daddy.
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The calico kitty picture!

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They're beautiful! congradulations.
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