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The girls have arrived!

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Hi--posted earlier that I was waiting for a female Siamese kitten to be fully weaned. I went to pick her up early this afternoon and ended up with two--female lilac point and female chocolate point.They were born on 2/22/02. Also have a 2 y/o Golden, very mellow, trained; however, the kittens were terrified of him and have been hiding under the bed ever since. I doubt if they have eaten, drunk or even used the kitty box in 7-8 hours now!

I live in a tri-level, and have put up a doggie gate to keep the retriever downstairs. However, they haven't budged from under the bed.

Is there anything else I should be doing? There are three kitty boxes upstairs, water, food and kitty condos, toys, etc., and they can slip through the openings in the staircase whenever they want to come downstairs. I haven't had a kitten in a long time--just puppies and the puppies I have had have never hidden in fear....

I assume in time, the kittens will decide that they are indeed safe?
Any advice here? TwitEm@aol.com
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Just give them time to adjust.It is great that you got two of them, that will help. You can go upstairs and just sit on the floor of the room they are in and just talk- take the cordless phone in with you (if you have one) and have a quiet conversation with a friend. You can do a full workout in an old tee-shirt and once it is wringing wet with your sweat, push that underneath the bed so the cats can get used to your scent. Just give them time, you can play soft classical music for them, use a night light instead of the harsh lights we like so much. Good luck
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Gatsbycat, Hi! I'm glad you finally got your kitten! You've been waiting a long time, so you deserved two! I'm predjudiced, of course, but I think Simese are the greatest. In my experience, Siamese take their time getting to know strangers, but once they accept you as their mommy, they are extremely loving. Do what Hissy suggested, and have some tasty canned chicken near you. They'll come! I hope you're sticking with the program. It's been a long time since I wore the patch. Keep me posted, please!
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