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Need opinions!!

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Billy's mom wants to know if those gloves with the little nubby things on them that are used for shedding cats really do work? Her cat Alley sheds really bad and she's looking for something to help with it so I told her I would ask all you experts here!!
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I saw the infomercial for that and I got it. Regret it..
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grooming mitts are gimmick items IMO.

Zoom groom is great and even cats with brush aversions tend to enjoy them.
My NFC will outright attack you if you approach her with a brush or comb, she does love the zoom groom though.
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Yep I swear they did something to the commercial to show it pick up there hair. It did nothing for me.
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I like Shed Ender but only on longhair cats like my Himalayan. Didnt work on the shorthaired cats.
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The mitt doesn't work as well as a brush and the cats don't like it. They know darn well that's not your hand petting them and they want no part in it ... at least that's how mine feel about it

I'm going to try the zoom groom next time I see one in a store, I keep seeing rave reviews.
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First off, the mitt doesn't work- don't waste your money. For a cat that sheds really bad, i'd first have it examined by a vet to make sure it doesn't have skin allergies which could be triggereing fur issues. Then if that is ruled out...try this...there are 4 essential tools to grooming a kitty- shedding blade, slicker brush, wide tooth comb, and a soft cloth...maybe even some dry shampoo if it's in between baths. First off groom the kitty with a shedding blade, that will take off the majority of the loose fur, then go over it with a slicker, next, use the wide tooth comb to groom around kittys face, legs, tail...etc...and finish off by running the soft cloth over the kitty to finish off the grooming and give it a glossy coat. That should dramatically help the shedding issues if done promptly every day.
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