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Cordless Phones

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Anyone have any good recommendations?

We never seem to have any luck with cordless phones. Our current cordless is Vtech and it just bit the dust. I'm going out later today to buy a new one and was wondering if anyone has a particular brand they really like, or have had good luck with.

I'm looking for something simple with two handsets... no bells or whistles required.

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If you get some good recommendations, I am all ears. I have the smallest house in the world, and from the kitchen to my bedroom I get static on my cordless.
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I have a Uniden 900mhz that I would NOT recommend. I also have a Panasonic 900mhz that works great!
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Sometimes the static isn't caused by the phone, but by other electrical appliances plugged into or near the same outlet. Anything that uses frequencies (in my case an ultrasonic rodent deterrent) will cause some level of interference. My parents have a problem with their cordless phone if the microwave is on. There are signal boosters that may help, but I haven't had to go to that level yet.
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I have a 5.8 Ghz Vtech answering machine/cordless phone that you can add more phones plugged in around the house. We haven't had any problems.
My sister has 2 cordless phones and her sound quality is terrible. When I was there last week I could barely hear my mom or DH on the line. I'll have to pass this info on to her. Would a corded phone be better for sound quality??
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We're happy with our Uniden - but it was a gift and we didn't have to pay for it. Yes, two or more handsets, I love that feature.
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I have a Vtech. I like it and ahven't had any problems with it. .
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Uiden are nice phones. My boyfriend has one and he says it works wonders. I think this oneis his.

My parents have the VTech with the base and a few handsets scattered around the house (they have a big house) and they like. Except when someone leaves a handset downstairs.
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I have 2 v-tech stinks and a panasonic which I use only All are hooked up but I carry the panasonic all over and only hang it up when I leave. It lasts forever and has voice enhancment....
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We currently have a AT&T cordless, with a answering machine and I have never had any problems with it. My mom needs a new cordless phone, hers always has static, no matter where shes standing, and I hate it!
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Static can be a microwave or a metal object on a beam in the house. The phone guy told me even a pool pump can do it.
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