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Cats and pigs

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Hi everyone!

This won't happen anytime soon but at some point my husband and I would like to get a pig. I've always wanted a pig and am well-aware of the amoung of care it would require.

My question has to do with my cats because I can't find much information about how pigs relate to other animals. I have 2 brothers who are almost 2 years old (when we adopted the pig, they might be 4 or 5 years old). They are very well-adjusted and have yet to have any behavioral problems. They are very laid-back, passive cats. They are not territorial at all even when other males come into our yard. I heard pigs can want to be "alpha". Would the pig bully the cats and totally scare them?
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If I were a cat I would be terrified of a pig... But people are successful with huge dogs and little cats.
I don't really have any knowledge of it either, but maybe someone with a farm with barn cats and pigs will happen by.
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Interesting question. I've seen cats interacting with pigs on farms, even sleeping together, and haven't ever heard of problems. I imagine that if your cats are afraid of the pig, they'll just avoid him/her.
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I think we all need to watch Charlotte's web
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I must also add that my cats are huge-- 16 lbs each. Not that that is a match for a huge pig! I'd probably be getting a pot-bellied pig or the smallest one I could find. I think they would learn to tolerate the pig but I really don't want to do anything to mess up my cats' behavior and have them hiding under beds for half the day. They are very happy and well-adjusted and I feel I should take their feelings into account because they were there first
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I don't know. But I have read that since the pot belly pig "craze" is over, there are a lot of unwanted pigs. I'll bet when the time comes you can get a pig from a rescue, and provide it a good home.
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