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Help! She's Siamese/Oriental mix!!

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Okay all - you've heard about Spice, now called Miew Miew.
She's my foster rescue.

The good news first: She's coming out of her shell, is getting better
when strangers come to the house, and has quit hiding under things

The bad news is...

My question is to all who have owned Oriental or Siamese mixes (or pure breeds)... how do you cope with the energy levels of this type breed!!!??

Miew is highly affectionate, but she is VERY demanding of attention and plays 24/7 when not sleeping.

She has moved right in, and is completely unafraid of Diablo or Lexi. Lexi seems to be oblivious to playing with her, so now she's decided Diablo is her "favorite" cat. She wants to be near him sleeping when she can... on HIS bed, LOL!

And he isn't sure what to do with her. He isn't as uptight with her as he was with Miss Lexi though. He gives her alot of slack...

She wants to get under the covers with me to sleep

(I woke at 5:30/6 am with her burrowing under the covers, running up to my face then down to my toes, brushing me with her fur... I thought I was in bed with spiders, and LEAPT out of bed!!) She was soo pleased. Then she brought her toys and dropt them on the bed!! Arrrgh.

I hate putting her in the basement, but I do sometimes at night, since I can't get a good nights rest otherwise!!

She fetches toys to me, and when I throw things, she brings them back to me. I've never had a fetching cat before. She chirrups at me alot, and also uses this small meow, but has a REALLY loud wail when she wants to

She also is fascinated by the kitchen sink, and will sit on the bar above the sink and watch me run the fawcet. I've caught her in the sink too, I'm just afraid she'll stick her head in the disposal!!

She leash walks (okay hates getting IN the harness, but once in it, she's FINE with it). Eats bugs (none of my cats were big on bugs, she
looves them, esp flies...)

She hasn't filled out, and is this stringy, slinky orange tabby/cream
colored cat. I swear, if you changed her coat to a classic style Siamese
that is what she would be....I figure that one parent must be of
the Oriental breed types. Otherwise, that slinky extremely thin
body would be more "solid" and filled out. (She weighs around 5 lbs
BTW - tiny next to my LARGE 13 and 16 lb cats!!

Anyway, constructive suggestions for amusing? Ways to keep her
off the counters (yes, she LOOVES being up there... esp. when I
am making something in the kitchen, sigh.)

oh, and for those who want to know - my feral Momma Za is doing well - the kits are 3 wks on Monday and are begining to wobble around (weebles wobble but they don't fall down, LOL!) They are adorable. In another week we
begin to attempt the weaning (ages 4/5 wks). I have a dilute tortie, 1 grey and white, 2 greys (with some tabby markings). All seem bound to be long hairs. Names are: Mushui (my runt), Jolly Mon, Pretty Boy, and Squeeks Alot
(because she does!). Subject to change as the purrrsonality develops.

Also, Grey is coming regular in the am now. The lady with the unfixed cats has MOVED away and taken her cats, HIPPY HOORAY!!

Cheers all...
or fluffies. They are really little fuzz balls right now!!
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No advice but,
Welcome to the wonderful world of Siamese. Would you belive that's why we choose them

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Congrats on your progress with Grey (and the woman taking her unspeutered cats). I have absolutely no experience with high-energy orientals. Pudge is a medium-sized moderate-to-low energy cat, and all of my fosters have been fairly laid back after their respective speuterings, although most of them have been very lovey.
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Welcome to the club... If you think an oriental mix is a ball of energy I advise against a bengal cross
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Bengal? Well, if they come in tabby red - that's the girl I have. Body of Siamese, coat of Siamese (short short) but sandy color with rust brown
stripes. Amber eyes, Siamese snout, and a "classic" style Siamese body
(not traditional and not the modern style either... somewhere 'tween).

She has the look of Meeka's face, minus the coloration and spots, LOL!!
Certainly don't WANT anymore energy!

do they calm down? I take her walking to get her worn out .. otherwise
she's into everything and up and down stairs and in and out of things.
You can't leave anything on the counters or a cupboard open.

My other cats have all been more *independent* and mellow. Lexi
is a Manx = medium energy levels which she runs down outside... Diablo was an outdoorsy type Siamese/Burmese x DSH (humongus black cat) with energy to spare, but always outdoors. Slept when he was inside. Shebs never did/does anything outdoors - she loves her bed, pets, food and litter box - not necessarily in that order!! Not overly playful.

Miew though... well, *shes* game allll the time! Poor me. I haven't had a good nights sleep since she started roaming the house.
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Hi Opilot. I'm new to the board, so I haven't read all the stories of Miew yet, but I can certainly sympathize. About a year ago I adopted Georgia from a shelter. She was an adorable 'mutt' with a bit of Abyssinian in her, and though she seemed incredibly alert, she was quite timid at the time--to the point of being considered unadoptable. No longer! I didn't know what I was getting into with a semi-Aby, but I'm so glad Georgia's the one I chose. She's approximately two years old now and still every bit the kitten. She's got virtually boundless energy, which I try to get her to expend by way of vigorous jumping sessions prompted by the good old feathers-on-stick. If you can get Miew to conform to a schedule, that might work. Georgia's a real creature of habit, and as soon as she settled into a playtime (subdivided into playtime with me and playtime on her own!)/sleeptime schedule, she stopped spending her nights running from one end of the apartment to the other.
The one issue that we still haven't figured out has to do with the tendency of these breeds to bond so strongly with their humans. Don't get me wrong-- I love it that she follows me from room to room and runs up to the door every time I get home-- but when we go away for weekends (even when we have friends come check on her) she freaks out and doesn't eat very much. Have you experienced anything similar?
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We think our Casey is part oriental. He has the classic body type and the biggest ears I have ever seen (we have to keep him tied down on windy days ). He is also the most high energy cat I have ever had. He will play and chase things (especially the laser dot and his furry mice) until he collapses from exhaustion.

I love him to death but his unbounded energy can be quite taxing at times!!

(he's alot bigger now!!!)
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Casey looks a bit like an Abby cross IMHO - not a Siamese... with those
batlike ears. (IMHO the breeders ruined the Orientals by going for
those huge bat ears... I like the *traditional* styles in the Orientals -
including a more substantial body and less pointed face...)

Personality wise tho... yep, the Orientals, Abbys and siameses have it for energy...the words "busy as a bee" spring to mind, LOL!

I am soooo tired! My other cats are normals - they go outside tho, so they don't need to be amused or interact with me beyond some gentle stroking while I watch the TV. Miew likes the interaction and "needs" the personal input.

This morning she spent the morning waking me up at 7 am (lots of meowing leaping on the bed, dumping toys on me, getting under the covers and nibbling my toes)....

then watching me shower, following me round the house, getting walked on her leash (with the other cats watching her... ) chasing Lexi at high speed... eating .... then going for her
nap time while *I* am at work!

(Of course when I get home tonight at 9 pm we will have to have SERIOUS play time till midnight... No wonder I'm soooo tired all the time. Since Miew's arrival I haven't been able to sleep past 7 am, AND I have to go to bed at 12 pm!!!)

I love her but can't wait to find a **GOOD** family/owner for her. Someone with an appreciation for the Siamese type and the Oriental breed(s)
energy!! Definitely does not fit in with my lifestyle!!
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I thought Casey has an "Abby" look too, although who knows what else is mixed in there. I understand your "tiredness"!! Casey got us up at 5am lastnight to be cuddled. I tried, as I always do, to roll over and ignore him but that is impossible. He will not leave you alone until you cuddle him.

Then at 6 he decided it was time to start pouncing everything!! That got him put on the floor... which worked for about 5 seconds and then he was back on the bed!! Finally he had bugged Charlie (his big brother) to the point where Charlie held him down and cleaned his ears (easy to do since Charlie is ~16 pounds and Casey is 6 ). Casey HATES it when Charlie cleans his ears (which also makes him go away for a while)!!

Try to hang in there with your furry tornado and remember that they do calm down eventually!!
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Speaking of siamese. When I got chicet I was told he was mixed with siamese. The vet also told me the same, but I dunno whate lse he's mixed with. We got our cats shaved the weekend, and Chiclet looks just like a siamese lol. all the markings, big blue eyes. Once his hair grows out he's fluffy and makes him look like he's mixed with a maine this possible, since his sibling from what I remeber had a bluish grayish coat...........

any Ideas?? looking at his pic here at the bottom, what do you think? sorry I butted into the thread with my own question lol. I had a siamese once and they are VERY vocal. Chiclet always makes sounds to teh other cats.........but he's lazy, not so energetic so Im confused

Heres a small video of him so you can see his haircut!
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Chiclet looks like a Himalyan... cross between Siamese and Persian.\\
Noted for friendly personality and laid back ness ... NOT high energy
like the Siamese.

Lucky you. NO early am tap dancing on the head, toys on the bed,
following around, getting (demanding!) walk on leash in the am/pm,
playtime, playtime, playtime. Oh and food anytime is good too!!

Can't wait for a good home. Please all send vibes for Miew to find a GOOD
home, LOL! As soon as possible!!
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Casey sounds like he's Abby too. The cuddling and demanding attention is
part of the Abby - also being BUSY and always wanting to DO something.
Miew is always up... except when I'm not home, LOL.

And when I'm home, I'm HER toy! Amazingly she's moved right in - Diablo
has even accepted her. He likes her more than he likes Lexi. I think it maybe that they both have the Oriental breed in them, Lexi doesn't.

(Diablo is Himalayan with something DSH and a dash of Burmese. Think of an extra large Burmese with the head of a Himalyan, with a double jet black coat and you've got my Diablo. When he rolled in dirt, LOL, and got dirt/dust on his coat, he would "look" like an applehead Siamese.)

She's good with the new kittens too. Very curious of course, but
wanting to play and groom them...
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I have 2 Siamese and 2 Bengal's, and your kitty sounds much more like a Bengal. In fact your cat sounds almost identical to my Simba boy. Simba is about the MOST high energy cat I've ever known. He also yowel out a loud mew, especially when he feels he's being ignored or when I go to bed. When he's about to get into mischief, he chirps and trills in excitement. He has so many different vocal sounds. He fetches, and often brings his toys into my bed to force me to play with him, when I'm sound asleep. He knocks things down, just so he can get my reaction to it.

My Siamese cats are extremely mellow, at least next to my Wildman Simba the Zulu Warrior.
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Well, tho she is an orange tabby mix, there are some salt n peppa
furs mixed in the lighter areas (also tabby marked). Possible there is Bengal mix tortie. She had to get her orange from both parents tho, and bengals don't carry for orange do they? I'll have to post her pic on my
website and see what the verdict is!

I know she looks Oriental and she acts
that way too. I thought Abby, but could be some bengal.
Just that Bengal xs that I've seen are usally NOT orange tabby,
but the standard black/brown tabby.

I do know she's very possessive of me. Her fave sleep place
(when she actually DOES, is my bed, LOL!) I'm her person, and
she wants MY attention = me playing with her,
ALL the time.

If I don't play with her,
she comes and paws me, and if I ignore that, she wraps her paws
round my limbs (claws usually not out). She gets more demanding
as I ignore her.

And yes, she does chrripu and trill more than mew. Esp. when
she's racing thru the house at high speed, LOL!

Sigh. Lucky me.
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I love the siamese/oriental types. Where we lived before (first marriage) I could never have them because of living in an apartment and my ex didn't like them.

I think they are the most people oriented and cool cats. Ling Ling has siames/oriental or something along those lines. She NEVER shuts up - will back talk you and tell you everything that is going on in the neighborhood or let you know how many bugs are on the ceiling

The only time she is not talking to your or complaining about something is when she's up to something she's not supposed to be and then if you call her name she totally keeps quiet
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I've had Abys and a I currently have a Siamese and none of these guys matched your description of your baby- every cat's different though. My Simon (Siamese) will play, but when I go to sleep, so does he, and sometimes he won't even get up when I do My Abys (Dale & Junior) would wrestle but they were basically calm too. I'll definitley keep in mind to stay away from anything Bengal-resembled... I like my kitties lazy, just like Meowmy
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I find any cat ina new home will drive you up a wall at first. Autumn did this when she came home. She talked non-stop all night. Its an adjustment period. Even my crazy energy loving purebreeds have learned how to calm down while their humans sleep :p . Of course I say that after Meeka has kept me up the last 2 nights demanding attention but I've been attributing that to hormonal swings.
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Yeah, well I hope she settles SOON. Awake again at 6:30 to 7 am with cats on the bed.. Miew leading the charge!

My suspicion at this point is that there may actually be a bit of Bengal...
she has that shimmery fur thing going (which I've never seen in a cat
before actually...), the snout and face match (she has Meeka's face
and snout...), but the body is too small and very slinky. The hips are VERY narrow...That's why I keep thinking Oriental genes like the Siamese or Abby...

Tonight I have to feed my ferals, go home, let her out of the basement
(where she stays when I am not home, so that she doesn't get out the pet door...) and PLAY with her till 12 or 1, all the while doing cleaning and chores.

I wish my darling Lexi (manx mix) would step up to the plate and CHASE her round the house, not just outside on her leash!! Lexi tho seems to be too lazy when she's in the house. Guess its the laid back Manx personality...

Miew goes to a kennel on Thursday, so I can get some cleaning done before my parents arrive Friday. And of course, so I KNOW she's safe while they are here... my parents might let her out in mistaken moment of inattention -
that would be a disaster. So she's boarding at a very exclusive cat loft kennel! Lucky Miew. She even has 3 play sessions of 3 hours each!!

Now, if I could JUST find her a home. Prayers all. She goes to an adoption show
next Sunday...I hope if all goes well...
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