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radio question of the day: 04/17/06

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They're doing a biography of your life in Hollywood. Who would play you?
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Yikes, is that a difficult question or what?

I'll have to give that some thought
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My self?
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Keanu (sp?) Reeves
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Jennifer Aniston
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Originally Posted by fwan
My self?
That's right Fran! NOBODY could play you but you!
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Sandra Bullock for sure! (with Mark Walburg playing Bradley!)
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Janeane Garofalo
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Iuno....who's a well built brunette celebrity?
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For me it would be that blonde girl on Scrubs..Apparently we look the same
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Drew Barrymore or Princess Fiona from Shrek...ogre form of course!
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John Goodman...
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Definitly Renee Zellweger!
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Originally Posted by gemlady
John Goodman...
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Who's Jon Goodman?
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Maggie Gylenhaal
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Did you ever used to watch Roseanne, Sam? He was the dad on the show.
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John Goodman portrayed Roseanne's husband on her TV show. He's tall and heavyset. I think he did a movie called "King Ralph".

Stephanie, I would have said Divine, but he's dead. (He played Mrs. Turnblad in the movie "Hairspray".
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Ohhh I see!

Interesting Question Susie. I wonder if anyone will say Paris Hilton or Brittany Spears.
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Rosanne Barr for me and Yani for DH!
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