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But they're just campaigning for you to keep your cats inside. What's wrong with that? They don't encourage anyone to kill cats. Cats should be inside only for all kinds of reasons, most of them for the protection of the cat! Outdoor enclosures are a great idea. I walk Zissou nearly every day thats nice enough.

Cats left outside with free roam do kill birds, and squirrels, and chipmunks, and other wildlife. Other stuff does too, of course. But there's no way to say that letting a natural predator outside unattended will not result in the deaths of wildlife.

Take note, however, that campaigns should be directed toward owner education and encouraging people to keep their cats inside, rather than legislating that they do so. "Bird people" can just as easily put up cat fencing to keep cats off their property and create a bird sanctuary.
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Do some more research on that group before saying that they have any kind intentions toward cats. They don't. They use "The Wisconsin Study" to conclude that all feral cats should just be exterminated, bar none. They actively campaign toward that end whenever there are localities that are considering the feral cat problem. In every instance you have Ally Cat Allies and Best Friends on one side arguing that it is a people problem with abandoning the cats, and TNR as the solution, and ABC Birds on the other saying that extermination is the only answer to save the birds. They do encourage the killing of cats. They are good at marketing to appear on the outside to just be encouraging cats to be indoors, their aim is not to protect cats.
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Originally Posted by Zissou'sMom
Also, the shelter held the cat for the standard number of days for a stray... indicating that the man did not say the cat was is and he wanted it destroyed, but rather that he turned it in as a stray. So, why did the owners not call the shelter well before this time? Not that that changes anything about the man's behavior, but it does raise questions about its owners attitudes towards cats as pets.
You might want to read the article again. The man asked that the cat be PTS immediately. He also signed papers stating that the cat was his.
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I was in no way defending this guy. I was just saying to please not blame everybody who likes birds, just like everybody who likes birds doesn't blame it all on cats.
I didn't have time to look at everything on the bird people site. Obviously, if they encourage the killing of cats (if you just skim the site, it doesn't look like they do) then they are very very very wrong.
If you read the article it was three days between when she started looking for her cat and when it was PTS. There's another problem about letting cats outside... you don't know when they're missing as quickly, when monstrous people do monstrous things to cats. Like taking it to a shelter and signing the release form like its yours.
I feel pain for this family though... I can't imagine how it would feel to go to a shelter looking for your cat and be told they've put it down.
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