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I was brave enough to do it.

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I tried the self-tanning this this evening and I am so pleased with the results. I can't remember who originally posted the topic about Coppertone's endless summer(That's the one I used) but did anyone who's tried it have to reapply to get a darker color? I'm not going for a blackened look I just want a few shades off from my originally color.

I'd just hate to put more on and have it look orange or steaky.
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That's the brand I use...haven't used it yet this year, but will be doing so soon....I start with the light/medium one....and I usually put on one coat (so to speak) and then wait awhile and apply another one. Then after a few weeks of putting that one on (I usually reapply every three days or so) then I buy the dark one...and use it the rest of the summer. that way it looks more gradual...not like I just suddenly turned up at work with a dark tan...:laughing:
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Does it give you a natural look? I need to buy a tanner, too, since I'm white as a ghost! BOO!
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Im using Coopertone's Effortless Color, which does gove a natural looking tan. I usually reapply it 2-3 times before it is really even and fairly dark. So far, it hasn't gotten orange or any weird color other than tan.

Tigger, I am very pale, too, luckily I can tan in the sun, but who has time? And I don't have the patience unless I'm by the pool.
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I know what you mean! Before I got married, my parents had a pool, so it was convenient -- if I got hot, I could go into the pool. We don't have a pool, and it is just too hot to just lay out in the sun. Plus, like you said it requires patience. When I belonged to the gym, I used to use the tanning beds, but that got to be old, too...... It does a good job at tanning, but it can be costly. I'll take a look at the coppertone!
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I've been using the Banana Boat brand. Shhh it's a secret! Ha ha, I love it though. I got light medium and it's so gradual which is important since we never have sun here in Seattle! I'm getting a little tanner day by day, without any sun damage!!
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Grrr!! I knew I hated these things for a reason.

Now I followed the instructions on the bottle but it still leave streaks. Not the bad kind but it shows my normal skin color underneath the "tan" color. Any ideas on how to fix it? I'm afraid to fix it because if I apply some to the streaky parts it might over lap onto the tan and it will be darker.

**sighs** It's tough being a woman.
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My only suggestion is to exfoliate until you're back to normal. I love this Banana Boat, I can't believe I don't have streaking since I'm very careless about how I put it on.
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Last year, I knew I was going to the beach for about 3 weeks and wanted to prepare my skin to the sun. I had never tried those products who accelerate the coloring but I thought I could give it a try .

After all, if it could make the color appear sooner and avoid me from staying hours in the sun (which I hate, I even find it almost painful to stay there in the sun without moving just in order to get a nice tan), why not ?

I bought those tanning pills in a drugstore. I bought Oenobiol pills (don't know if they are well-known in the USA but it's a very good brand in France). I had to take them every day for at least 3 weeks before going to the sun. Take them of course during my staying on vacation at the beach and keep on taking them too after when I'd get home in order to keep the tan as long as possible.

Well, I never saw the difference :confused2: . I did get a light tan by going to the sun like the other years but the pills did not help the tan in growing darker or coming sooner. No way. I will never buy these pills again . Next time, I might try a cream but I don't like this method because after, even if you're cautious, your hands turn brown inside too....

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I'm not sure what to tell you to do...I never had that problem with that brand, except when it was getting time to apply more, and it had started to fade off. I think different people's skin types react differently to things like this. I guess if it was me, I would reapply more to that area. If worse comes to worse, just take a washrag, put lots of soap on it, get in the shower, and scrub like heck, till the color comes off then try again with a different brand.
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