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Speechless!!!!! (for once)

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Yes, I am speechless for once, at the kindness and generosity of people I have never met in person, but who I have met and become friends with online here at the catsite. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank three of the very wonderful people here!

My husband brought in the mail this afternoon, and there was a card with a name I didn't recognize on it. I just kept staring at it, trying to figure out where I knew them from. Finally I opened it and it was a baby card from Airprincess, Deb25 and Hissy with a gift certificate for Babies-R-Us inside!!!!!!!!

This just blew me away, I was so surprised and thrilled!!! This is one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me and it means SO much!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

You guys are GREAT!! The funny thing is...Hubby and I are planning a trip to Des Moines tomorrow, and I had called Babies-R-Us just this morning to see if they were open on Sunday's (which they are) and then I got that certificate in the mail this afternoon!!

I REALLY apppreciate it, and thanks again so VERY, VERY much!!


( I will let you know what I get with it!!!)
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You're welcome Debby

Pick out something cute for Amber!
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I think I can get quite alot of "cuteness" with what you sent me!!!
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You are so welcome Debby. I am glad we were able to take you by such surprise! Can't wait to hear what you got for Amber...
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I have been on pins and needles all week waiting for that thing to arrive (and cursing the postal service all the while!). Debby, I am so happy to be able to contribute in some small way to the happy time you are having waiting for the baby to be born.

Shop till you drop, girl, and enjoy it.

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I am getting up bright and early tomorrow to make the 70 mile trip to Des Moines, and first we are going to Holubs, (it's a greenhouse) to get our tomato and pepper plants, and then after lunch we are heading for Babies-R-Us.
I have never been there, and we don't know our way around Des Moines very well, but a friend gave me a rough idea of where it is at, I at least know the street name, and so I think we can find it okay.
If not I will have my husband pull over so I can ask someone.

Thanks again!!
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There is always Mapquest, though I know "real men don't ask directions!"

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Wow! I have never even heard of mapquest...I am going to go check that out! Thanks!
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Oh, and you are right about men not asking directions...if i was in labor and he couldn't find the hospital, he would make me get out and ask....:LOL:
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Well Sunday was a blast....except since it was Mother's day, we had to wait in line at the restaraunt forever! :laughing:

Babies-R-Us was awesome!!!! They have EVERYTHING in there that a person could possible want for their baby!!!!

I finally picked out a crib set with the gift certificate....it has the bumper pad, fitted sheet, and comforter...and I got it in the Blue Jean Teddy Bear theme...which is what I am decorating the nursery in. I also had enough left over to buy the crib ruffle, and two receiving blankets (also with the Blue Jean Teddies on them)

Every time I lay her down in the crib, and look at that adorable crib set, I will think of you guys!!!!

THANKS again!!!!!!
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