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!!!!!Peeing in new carpet!!!!!

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We just installed all new carpet in our house and our cat has started to pee in places causing a horrible smell. This was never a problem before but with our baby on the way we can’t have our house smelling like it does. Any suggestions on why this is happening and how to stop this sudden behavior? Thanks in advance.
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How many cats do you have?
How many litter pans?

Changes will upset cats and new carpeting is a definite change, the smell of new carpeting can be overpowering to cats and they are scent driven so they are trying to overpower that scent with theirs.

If you don't get all of the scent out from the carpet then they will refresh it every three days.
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oh man, that is horrible!!! you should try and use Nature's Miracle. it works to take out urine smell! also, try spraying the carpet with something like febreese. they should leave it alone then.
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Please click here to read about how to stop inappropriate peeing.

Even though your cat seems healthy, the stress of having new flooring installed may have caused her to develop a urinary tract infection. So please take her to the vet to have her urine tested for signs of infection.

Good luck!
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Definately buy Feliway. It is a tad expensive but works wnoderfully for inappropriate peeing. Buy the plug in, maybe a couple of them, and it will be okay. They carry them at Petsmart, Pet supplies plus and Pet co.
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