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Gudbye, Valentine

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Hi all,

Just wanna inform u all that, Ive lost my precious kitty, Valentine yesterday. He died bcous of a cat flu. Hes being in the clinic abt one week. Its really shocked me until now. I cant help myself from Dunno how 2 tell u all what I felt right now. I buried him in front of my grandfathers house. Its really hurts when seeing my hubby bury him. Valentine just been with me 4 only 4 3 months. But I hav luv him like years. He is kinda of sweetest kitty Ive ever seen. His cutey bhaviour always make me n he always get away whenever I when he do something bad like pee in my room. I already missing him so much. The 1st picture is the last picture I took of him. Oh God, please giv me strenght to go on wit my life!!!
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R.I.P. Valentine.. will embrace you.
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Rest in Peace little one.
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May your sweet Valentine RIP.
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RIP Little one, And my Thoughts and Prayers are with you during this tough time, it will grow easier as time goes on, just try to remember the fun times you had with Valentine and the Love you gave each other.
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RIP Valentine
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A sudden loss is always a shock to the system - I lost one of my kitties suddenly about 2 months ago. You'll be okay in time - Valentine's spirit as well as good memories of hime will help you get through this difficult time. Sorry for your loss.
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I am very sorry for your loss of Valentine. What a sweet name for your cat.
I hope your memories will bring you peace and comfort. Rest in peace dear kitty. Your family here loves and misses you.
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Condolences on your loss of Valentine. You tried very hard to save him, and he knows that. And his little body was given a special resting place, so he went to Heaven knowing he belonged to a family who named him and loved him very much. Maybe he will ask God to send you a special little kitty to take his place. Feel free to share your memories and thoughts with us - many of us understand your pain all too well. Hugs, Susan
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Sweet little fur covered angel on earth. For whatever reason you were called to leave this place. We know that you will find the endless joy of chasing leaves and playing with butterfiles in the eternal spring over the rainbow bridge.
I pray that you return only so briefly to this place in a warm passing thought, a breeze that carries your meow to someones ear or the glimse out a corner of an eye.
Only to comfort your human companion. She misses you and needs to know your ok.
RIP Valentine
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RIP Valentine...God bless..
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Tq so much. Its fate. I hav 2 accept it. But tq so much 2 u all 4 ur condolence. Mayb after this, I will bare in my mind 2 b particular whenever I getting new kittens. Because I find out that b4 bought Valentine from his previous owner, he also hav flu. So this is not the 1st time hes having a flu. But anyway, this is really effect my life. Eventhough I still dun hav human child yet n hav lost my baby at 4 months pregnancy, but the pain is still the same.
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