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How to deal with a Toy Hog?

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Whitey, our recent addition, is only a year old. We're trying to play with him as well as the other cats at least once a day. However, Whitey doesn't seem to understand that not ALL the toys are his.

It was funny at first, but now its getting annoying. For example, I'll be wiggling a string for Luna and then from behind me, Whitey will pounce on the string right in front of Luna. Luna slap him and then walk away and just watch.

My first instint tells me to just drop the toy and walk away when he does this. I'll wait 5-10 minutes before playing with him if he starts to cry or follows me around with the toy.
If I see he's going to pounce, I'll usually hold him down, and say "No". Saturday B was trying to play with Patches and Beauty and Whitey kept trying to get in. I was holding him down while he wrestled with me to get out.

Sometimes I even resort to just closing the cats behind a door and playing with them on separate terms. I would hate to keep having to do this though.

Any more suggestions

(PS, he'll wake up out of a dead sleep if he so much as hears one of the toys move)
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I have a toy hog, too. Mainly it is Garfield. I was trying to tame Jasmine by playing with her, but he always butts in on the games, and gets the toys! I also let her eat with me if I am eating in front of the computer, but he jumps on my lap first, and is just annoying.

But it is cat nature for them to try to be alpha. If the cats let Whitey be alpha with toys, then I think it is best that you let him be also.

At our house Festus has her revenge on Garfield. Her FAVORITE toys are the crinkle balls, and she takes them and shoves them under the oven. He never looks there, but if she wants them later, she reaches under the oven and pulls them out! She also puts them in the water bowl sometimes, and fishes them out later! LOL!

Your kitties will work it out, too. And I think sometimes playing with Luna in another room is a great idea.
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Thanks! Glad to know its a "normal" cat thing!

Luna is finally starting to stand up for herself though. Last night and this morning whenever I threw a bottle cap, Whitey would look at it, Luna would wait a second to see what he does before taking off after it.

I'm hoping that with age Whitey will calm down about the toys also. I keep trying to wear him out, even to the point where I see him panting, but the guy just won't stop! I have to set the toy down for fear of giving the poor guy a heart attack!
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Hmmm...from what I've learned, not only is this normal, but unnecessary for you to intervene. My Demetrius always hogs the food first before allowing Chiron to have a bite, although there is plenty for both, and they are otherwise the best of friends.

I've been told that once you've established the rules of your own home, you must let your cats have their own rules between themselves...it's the natural order of things, I suppose.

Anybody hear anything different?
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