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Has anyone tried...

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...different kinds of urine cleaners?

My cat peed on an expensive leather trenchcoat.

I asked a dry cleaner about it, and they told me, "It'll cost you $70 and, frankly, it won't get the smell out anyway." Great.

I sprayed "Urine Gone" on it, but it still smells really bad.
Maybe another spray or powder would work better?
Anyone have a suggestion for a good one?

Help, please?!?


Oh, also, I meant to ask about the blacklight thing. I have two blacklights, and neither of them shows anything. Am I doing it wrong? Is there a trick to it?

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Good luck. My cat peed on a suit jacket. I had it dry cleaned, but it made no difference. I also tried a product called Zero Odor, which did not help at all. I finally chucked it in the washing machine because I had nothing to lose. That got rid of the urine, but, of course, the jacket shrunk somewhat.

I'd say the leather jacket is a goner.
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Drench it in cold water and then use

Sun light

Hang it outside for a few hours when its very hot and let the sun shine on it This also removes BO
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I have pretty good luck using plain peroxide, though I've only used it on the couch and mattress (Crystal has a few "accidents" from time to time )
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