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I'm BACK!!!! (and tired!!)

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Yes, I survived my week with my sister.
In fact I left VA at 10:15 am and drove straight thru to Wisconsin and got back at 1:30 am!! Hit rain from Indianapolis until north of Chicago. But none of the nasty weather. I HATE driving thru chicago!!!!!
Bought lots of plants, lots of wine (7 bottles) and lots of other stuff.
We ate and drank alot too!! Lots of shopping.
Will download my pictures are we stuck the back way into Monticello, went to Colonial Williamsburg where have the kids from the eastern seaborad must have been there with their parents on spring break!!! Did I mention lots of shopping!!
Finished up a landscape project and got my first paycheck for my business (ok it was cash!!) So I'm really tired as I only got about 4 hrs of sleep-so just a quick visit then its time for a nap!!
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Wow thats a heck of a lot of driving, and i complain at having to drive for 4 hours to visit my sis

Sounds like you had a great time tho'.
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We are glad you are back!! Sorry about the bad weather on the drive home. I bet you need a vacation from your vacation!
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Glad your trip went well and you got a lot of shopping and wine
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