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Cat Enclosure Ideas/Pics

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Hey Everyone,

I'd love to see pictures of cat enclosures people have built.

We typically have our cats stay in the Cat room/guest room overnight or when we're gone for short periods of time. However, when we have guests stay with us, we obviously move out their litterbox, food, water, etc. We usually move them into our office, we're not the neatest of people and usually papers and supplies end up everywhere!

So we're thinking about moving their room into our studio, which is a converted 1 car garage. Now, part of the studio houses my art supplies and my fiance's photography stuff, so we want to fence off about 1/3 of the room that contains those supply shelves and our big work table. My fiance' is thinking of a 2x4 and chicken wire structure with an actual wooden door to get into the other section. I think it would be easier to make a chicken wire door, as well as keep everything light and see through.

The studio also has a door that opens up to the second level of our deck and I'd love to eventually enclose part of the deck as well, so they can be outside, without "being" outside.

So if anyone has photos, plans, helpful advice (good materials vs bad) I would love to see them. Two of our cats are good climbers/jumpers, the other is very content staying on the ground. Also, if anyone has ideas for protecting doors, that would be great. Our big male cat has these huge razor sharp talons and has pulled the veneer off of our office door along the bottom (don't tell our landlord!). I'm learning to trim his claws, but he's very sensitive about his feet so it's been a little slow. I've been putting towels under the door but he's still pretty good about getting his claws under there.

So thanks for reading my novel and thanks for any help anyone can give!

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Check out these threads


and this web page
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Thanks for the links!
Cagnes, I'd seen your enclosure before on another thread, it's wonderful! (and your cats are beautiful as well!)
We'll def. be doing a diy job. I liked the lattice idea I saw on one of the links. we have lattice in our kitchet to hang pots off of, and we could always use more space in the studio for that sort of thing.
Did you find any materials that were a bad idea? cost is a factor, so if we can avoid problem materials, that would be great.
I'm excited! We've built custom cages for our hamster, guinea pigs and fish, and now we can do a big one for the kitties!
If anyone else has pictures or experiences they would like to share, that would be great.

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Wow, that looks like a great idea. I might try that out for my cats when I get more and get my own place. It doesn't look that hard to build and the cats seem to like it.
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I'm working on one currently. The photos I have so far are only of preliminary work. I have made much progress today and I will try to take more photos soon.

They will be located in this thread:

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Thanks for the link! I'll keep looking for your updates.
I wish I could enclose our whole backyard, or build them something bigger, but we rent, and I don't think our landlord would appreciate the "improvements!"

I look forward to your pictures!

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