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My cat is pregnant

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My boyfriend and I adopted two cats from a breeder who was getting divorced and needed to place her male and female. The female is a Bengal and the male is a Savannah/Amur Leopard cat mix. I was planning on fixing them, but it turns out the female was already pregnant when we got her. Right now I have the female and male seperated because I believe she should be having her babies 2-3 weeks from now. I put the female in her own room with everything she could possibly need,cat trees,crates,nesting boxes, kitty gym.

I have a couple questions though since I have never done this before. I have already had the female vet checked and she is healthy.

My first question is the female sheds more then any cat I have ever seen. Clumps of hair comes off her while I pet her, I have to change after visiting with her b/c no lint brush in the world can help me get all that hair off. Is this normal for pregnant cats to shed more then usual?

Lately she has been trying to get out of the room she is in, Im thinking maybe she is trying to find a nesting area? I have to keep her in her special room though cause I have 5 dogs and 3 other house cats. She has everything she needs in her room, will she be ok?

What are signs of impending labour? How will I know when she is close?

Ever since we brought the female home she has been so sweet and loves attention, she goes crazy for it. She was never scared in her new surrondings and always affectionate. Is this cause she is pregnant? Could her wonderfully sweet disposition change after she gives birth?

Also after the kittens are born, at what age can they meet the other cats, 8 weeks?

And my last question for now is, when I get the male neutered, how long should I wait till I let him out of his room to meet the other cats and to roam the house. I dont want him spraying all over and I know neutering wont solve the problem overnight, it needs time, but how much? A month, or two?

Thanks in advance for any replies. Im nervouse about this but I can do it. I also work as a recptionist at an animal clinic. I've talked with my vet but he doesnt know everything, Im hoping to get some advice from those with first hand exerperiance, since my vet doesnt specialize in birthing.

Agian thnak you
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I would of thought he would know. I know my skittles is losing hair ALOT. My vet said she might change after the babies SHe is such a doll and so darn ovable right now. Please know that mine is a house cat so not a bengal. This is just the experience I have noticed with my baby and what I have talked to the vet about.
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Sydney..the best thing to do is to read this post:


It has all sorts of advice on pregnancy and delivery.

As far as your male goes.....he should be kept away from your intact female for a month following his neuter since he can still get her pregnant. I wouldn't know how long it will take for the spraying to settle down.

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