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Hello and question about my special needs kid

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Hi everyone! I am new to this board and hoping for some info. I have a "special needs" little girl. She is almost a year old and has a neurological problem where she loses her balance and has a constant shake. I know she should be spayed, but I am so afraid of anesthesia with her problem. I also have a very old male who was never neutered (strictly indoor, ONLY!). Now with her here, I am worried about them getting together. I want to avoid the spay and just separate them during the dangerous times. How often do females go into season? How long does it last? He has never shown interest at all in her, but I am worried that I am tempting fate. Does anyone know of ANY other alternative method of contreception? I want to do the right thing, but without putting either one of them at risk. ANY help would be appreciated so much! Thanks, Lisa(and Katie & Frank!)
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By not altering at least one of them, you are at risk. Females can go into heat every 3 to 4 weeks. Being indoor cats, they usually will do this all year round. Even if the male has shown no interest, this does not mean he is not going to do what comes natural. As of yet, there is no birth control for cats.
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You need to get your male altered - both for his health and the chance you are taking with your special needs kitty. Also, once he is neutered, his male scent will diminish a lot and you may notice a difference in him. I have had ten year old rescues neutered and it really isn't anything - a simple vascectomy and they are fine that night.

Talk to your vet about when to spay your female - you are right to wait until she is older, but eventually she should be spayed. Going into heat every 3 to 4 weeks is very rough on a cat - it affects appetite, immune system and is very uncomfortable for them. Spay her as soon as you get the vet's okay.
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Females go into heat frequently and if not spayed, she is at high risk for developing mammory cancer. I would talk to your vet and discuss your options. I'm curious. Did your female ever have an inner ear infection?

As far as your male kitty, I would have him neutered too. It's healthier and reduces stress.

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