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my family

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I did post some piccies, but think I may have put in wrong area

so ehre they are again,

first up is princess freya cupcakes (princess)

she is my 2-3 year old blue-cream persian( not sure exaclty, she has a bit of a sad tale to tell which i will post one day)

then here is Mr darcy, my smoke exotic male, he is 8 1/2 months old

then we ahve oatmeal, he will be 4 in july

and then there is twix
he is three in july, and is oatmeals brother (same parents)

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Hiya CJ,
didnt know you came on here lol.
cute pics!
any news on PF yet?
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very cute pics!

I love the pic of Oatmeal
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I love your furbabies names!!
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I can not see the 1st picture but the others are cute. I love black cats
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