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still waiting!

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My Blue-cream persian was due her kittens AROUND 11th april.
Still no signs of anything happening.
Little madam Is enjoying keeping us waiting.

Going to go to vets tomorrow if no sign of anything happening by then, to be on safe side.

Isnt it hard, all this waiting lol

especially hearing so many peoples news of new arrivals!!
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You will have to let us know how the vet goes. Patients is the key She is just making sure they are well done
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It was terribly hard waiting! I just had a litter of 5 Persian kittens & mama went to 68 days...Argh, Drove us crazy. The kittens had their eyes open starting when they were 2 days old, I think because they were overdue. Do you have any pictures of your girl? I love seeing all the tiny babies on here too!
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