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Good Bye Sophie

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Today, we lost our kitty Sophie of 18 years today about 8:45 pm. She was a stray who showed up at about 12 weeks of age. So she just stayed around, and it has been 18 years. She'll be deeply missed, and I will never forget her.
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R.I.P. Sophia go play with the angels.
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I am so sorry for your loss. What a wonderful age Sophie lived too - shows how well she was loved

RIP Sophie - now you are forever young
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i am sure the long time you got to spend with her doesnt make her being gone any easier. sorry for your loss.
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Play happily over at rainbow bridge sweet Sophie
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Sorry for your loss. Bless you Sophie and have fun over the Bridge with all the other kitties who have also moved on.
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I am very sorry for your loss of Sophie. I commend you for the good care you gave this cat over the long 18 years. What a testimony that is to your love for her. Rest in peace little Sophie. You are loved and missed.
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Condolences on your loss of Sophie. Sophie is looking down at you from Heaven, purring a big, big THANK-YOU for the many years of happiness shared with you. May all kitties someday be so blessed! After so many years together, there must be lots of empty spaces in your home. I hope that your numerous memories give you some comfort during these difficult days. Hugs, Susan
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18 years... wow. After so much time, a cat must leave a cat-shaped hole in the lives around it, in the places where it lived.

Your friend is gone now, but you will remember her forever. She has left a paw-mark on your lives that can never be erased.
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What a blessed life for a stray to have found comfort with you for 18 years.

RIP Sophie.
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