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Precious Little Georgia

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We have an 8.5 year old female seal point siamese named Georgia - she is like a daughter to us. We noticed on Wed. night she had a weepy eye and decided she may have a bit of a cold in it. Thursday night she suddenly was unable to walk properly and was very wobbly. Her sore eye also was worse and she was unable to close it, only her inner lid was closing. We rushed her to the pet ER on Good Friday. They seemed to think it was neurological, perhaps a brain tumor or cyst on the brain but unable to say for sure. Further tests could be done by a specialist, such as a cat scan, which may tell us more and even then there are no guarantees. They kept her in for the day and gave her fluid via a needle. We picked her up that afternoon and brought her home as the vet apologised for being unable to do any more for her. We were devastated. She still hadn't eaten or drunk anything. All we could do was hope and pray for a miracle. We decided to take her on Saturday morning to a different vet for a second opinion. He came up with the same conclusion but suggested a cortizone injection. He also gave us anti biotics and cortizone tablets to take home and try. He told us this is a very slim chance of success but we said it is worth a try. He held very little hope and said if we feel it is enough for her over the Easter break and things aren't improving bring her back and we can put her to sleep. We could not bare the thought of this. Easter Sunday we woke up to see her on our bed purring as usual, she was unable to jump on the bed Saturday. We could not believe our eyes. Her balance was remakably improved, she was eating and drinking. She is still improving today but her eye still won't close. We think she is our Easter miracle. We are so glad we got a second vets opinion. Any thoughts as to this mystery illness? We just hope and pray it doesn't come back once the course of anti biotics and cortizone are finished.

This is Georgia recovering on the lounge

This is the other lady of the house Silken (9 years old) doing what she does best
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I will say a prayer also. WOW that is a touching event. Especially on Easter.
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I hold a special place in my heart for Siamese kitties, I love them The whole family is praying for Georgia, a little easter miracle indeed! I hope she has a speedy recovery and good for you to get a second opinion. That might have been what turned the little one around. Good luck
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Siamese are my favourites as welll, I hope she continues to get better.

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I pray she continues to improve.
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Sadie wishes Georgia a speedy recovery, and sends snuggles to Georgia's owners.

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What a beautiful girl! Eye problems and siamese go hand in hand. I am sorry to hear about the problem, but deffinately glad she is doing better. Did they do an eye stain to see if there was an injury.

Did you know they have Vets who specialize in eyes?

Warm thoughts,
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