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Dog food ???

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Once again I need to find a dog food that Gigi will eat .... The ones she currently eats is not for seniors(SOlid Golds Bark at the Moon, which was a great no grain trial ) she is 8.5 so I have to try something else... She eats 75%-85% raw and dry is just a back up/snack //

I am thinking of Nutros chn rice and oatmeal puppy .... since the protein is higher but the fat is not/// and it is all life stage

she can have chn beef rice oatmeal turkey tuna salmon(not to much) corn

Her definate no list
wheat lamb barley rye garbonzo beans cheese and oil rich food( canola and soy dont agree with her) pork peanuts

Her she can but shouldnt list
venison soy duck millet

I would like something with at least 22% protein and 12% fat
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This is what our 2 finally decided they liked


but it has barley in it

Hows this one look?


it's a little more expensive, but I did'nt see any barley,wheat,rye or lamb in it.

It's hard finding a good dog food without rice, barley etc.... I wish you luck
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