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Hi All!

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Thought I'd post my first pic of Jedi. He is 8 weeks old on Monday and sooooo adorable!
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Not sure why the pic is not attached. I'll try again!
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Here is Jedi. I think I had a typo the first time! OOPS!

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He is absolutely adorable-with those pink pads--and am I seeing things, or does this lamb have blue eyes? I have never seen eyes stay blue on a black and white kitten of that age!
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Oh, Jedi is adorable!!! Pink paws, so cute!!!!
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Yes his eyes are blue...he is prolly about 6 weeks old in the pic and they are not quite as bright blue now...but still blue. And thanks...he IS adorable, isn't he?
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My goodness what a sweetheart! I just love little black and white kittens, so cute!!!
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Ok thats it, I cant take it anymore, Jedi is sooooo cute, he's my new best friend.

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He's sweet little baby! And what beautiful eyes! I wonder if they will be green or yellow when he grows up?

By the way, the cat pages are online again, so you can make him a web page on the site if you like:
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Jedi looks just like my Little did (when she was tiny, she's not so little anymore!) What beautiful eyes!
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Hi, JamieAnn, Why don't you post a new thread and tell us about you? Or, have I somehow missed it? Welcome, anyway!
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