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Hard Boiled Eggs

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Is it good for dogs or cats to even eat hard boiled eggs. I gave skittles and Baby a taste but did not want to over do it
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Too much is probably bad for them... eggs are awfully rich. But we used to feed our cats an egg (scrambled, not hard boiled) for a treat, and it never bothered them.
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Half an egg each probably won't hurt them.
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How about a pregnant cat
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I used to give one egg per week... with a preggo kitty try a bit of yolk
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I know for a fact that eating too many hard boiled eggs will give a dog terrible gas... One year for Easter, Dad had the brilliant idea to hide the (real, dyed) Easter Eggs around the house before bed so we could hunt for eggs when we woke up. (There was about 2 feet of snow on the ground that year.) He heard and *crunch crunch* noise a few times that night, but didn't really think much of it. Well, our Weimeriener Dutchess had gone hunting eggs in the middle of the night and found ALL of them - a whole dozen, I think. She had a very upset stomach, horrible gas, and I'm sure she had diarreah too. Poor thing... She was an outside dog for that Easter Sunday!
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Maybe I will. She seemd to like the yolk of the HB egg
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I read that whites by themselves deplete some vitamin in dogs, but a whole egg is fine as the yolk replaces whatever it was. I think one a week is fine.
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I gave her and SKittles a little. I WILL NEVER AGAIN!!! My boys each had like 3 and then the pets. It was so bad last night. My boys actually could not stand it LOL
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Sure its fine - just chop it up good and let them enjoy. An occasional egg or two won't hurt. We usually save part of scrambled eggs for the dog and cats as a treat.
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