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input please!

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First some good news.
Stripes eye is open!

Just the one, i dont want to take a picture, afraid the flash might hurt her sight, ive been calling her a calico, is that what her coloring is?

Im worried about lil reds weight, hes half hte size of the others, weighes between 2 and 3 oz, where all the other babies weigh 4,

Also is there something other then KMR i can use to feed them? its easter and EVERYWHERE is closed compleatly. For now we are sitting with taz while she feeds the babies, then move her from the nest. I dont want the reason they are dying to be her smothering them. They look suffocated. Im still at a loss of what to do.
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She looks like a Torbie but I am no expert on coloration

Is the mother not feeding them? They really don't need KMR if the mother is feeding them. If you need to begin feeding them, then I think that is the basis of what they need. The need to be fed like every 2 hours at this young age.
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one isnt being fed lil red, hes not eating anything, i got afew drops of evaporated milk in him but thats it. hes too weak to even suck now....
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I don't think you should be separating Taz from the babies. My foster Mom Sarabi spent the first weeks with the kittens continually, allowing them to nurse. I have had other foster Moms who jump in and out with the kittens, but that time together is necessary.

How many kittens does she have, and how old are they? Is this her first litter? (Sorry, tried to read through your other threads...but was having trouble finding the answers to these questions!)
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taz is between 9 and 11 months old. a foster, and yes we assume this is her first litter. i let her go back in there, but i did remove lil red, he was compleatly unable to do anything, hes about half the size ( width wise) then his siblings, there was 7, two have allready died, and they are about 3 days old. the first 4 being born on the 12th and the other 3 born on the 13th. Numbers one and two have allready died.
She only goes in the box when im in the room. I sit with her so that she will nurse, i dont want to loose lil red, but he cant latch on anymore. he just nuzzles and cries....
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Can you hold him to her nipple so he can get some more?
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All of our grocery stores were open here in Texas and the Tom Thumb was still open when I came home from work at 8:30. The grocery store is the only place that I have found the kmr.

It sounds like an awfully big litter for such a young cat! Will keep my fingers crossed!
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im in ak, everything closed at 5. walmart wasnt even open today.
i did try holding him to a nipple, but he just nuzzled then stopped moving, and then i had to practically hold her down too. nothing i seem to be doing is working for him, and hes only happy when im holding him on my chest. at least he is still moving. Im gratful for that.
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Seven is an awful lot of kittens for a first time Mom to deal with. Maybe she just couldn't handle so many, or maybe something is wrong with some, even though they look healthy.

How sad to be losing little Red. I know they can't eat if they are chilled, but I read you have a heating pad available for them. Poor little babies. Are the other 4 doing well?
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the 4 left in the box are doing fine, but so were the 2 that passed today. i just keep hoping for the best... i want red to pull through, and i think he needs a name beyond red lol. he likes to lay on me,
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I lost 3 from a litter of 5 last summer. I know a little of what you are feeling right now. The main thing that helped me was realizing that had I not taken the Momma cat in, she may have lost all her kittens.

The same is true of Taz...although it is crushingly sad to lose precious babies, at least the others have a very good chance for survival. As you said, they weigh more, and are eating well. She is caring for them, and they will most likely be fine.

From my litter of 5, with 3 who appeared totally healthy yet died, the last two grew up just fine, in fact one was adopted by a co-worker. The third kitten I lost was sent for a necropsy, because I was afraid it could be something contagious...the vet found nothing wrong. It was just like a human baby and SIDS...

I'll keep watching for pics of the other kittens as they grow. Keep trying with the little red kitten...it certainly won't hurt to try to keep him alive, as best you can.
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Please keep us posted on his progress. He is fighting.
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